Treats for toddlers

Here are several snack ideas for some healthy and nutritous treats for your toddler that they are sure to enjoy.

Finding the right treats for your toddler is something all parents and caregivers can relate to. Here are some ideas for tasty, healthy treats that should please you and your toddler.

Keep in mind that when it comes to the type of food that your toddler eats, the best choices should be the ones that have a positive effect on the health and nutrition of their bodies.

Here is a list of possible treats that are tasty and nutritious.

1. Fruits are always a healthy choice for a treat. For example, apples, which have been peeled and cored, can be cut into interesting designs for your toddler. One design would be to hold the apple in an upright position and cut thin slices that look like wagon wheels. Another idea would be to cut shapes as triangular wedges and blocks. When a toddler can have fun with their treats they are more likely to eat the healthy snacks provided for them.

2. Vegetables are another choice that your toddlers can enjoy. Be creative with some vegetables like celery and carrot sticks. Show them they can stack the sticks of celery and carrots making little designs. You can also have some dip available for them, for example a simple ranch or dill, to dunk their vegetables for added enjoyment

3. Cheese is a favorite snack among most toddlers for a treat! Little cubes of the cheese can be cut up for easier access for your toddlers or just use the string cheese that can pull apart easily.

4. Yogurt is a healthy choice as well. Today, there are so many varieties of yogurt that your toddler is sure to find one that he or she will enjoy. There is also a variety of yogurt where you can add sprinkles and toddlers love to try these themselves!

5. Cereal is also an alternative for a healthy treat for a toddler and not just for breakfast anymore! Some toddlers just like to have a little plastic baggie filled with their favorite cereal without the added milk and bowl. Since the cereal will be used as a treat, maybe choosing a little sweeter cereal would be a good choice.

6. Wholegrain muffins and breads can be a tasty treat for your toddler. Either served plain, with butter, or with an added fruit spread or jam should make your toddler happy for their treat.

7. If your toddler is a finicky about his treats and nothing seems to satisfy him or her, you could try a saltine, wheat, or graham cracker with a little peanut butter and jelly on it. Please be sure your toddler doesn't have any allergies to peanuts!

8. A delicious and nutritious shake, using crushed real fruit, can be used as a treat for toddlers in lieu of a food snack. A curly straw can be added as an added fun extra for the shake.

There are so many nutritious snacks to choose from today that you should be able to find a delicious treat that will leave you and your toddler happy and satisfied.

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