Tree Peonies

Are you growing Tree Peonies, if not maybe I can tell you a little about them and you may decide to start growing them.

Did you know that Tree Peonies are shrubs, and not trees, and are also only about three to four feet high? Some other herbaceous species are much easier to grow.

Tree Peonies were cultivated and much admired in China for more than l,000 years, but they haven't been popular in the United States in spite of their beauty. Some people

who grow them think that they are much prettier and such a better plant than the herbaceous Peonies.

Also did you know there are two distinct races of the Tree Peonies? The Mountan Group has color varieties of Paeonia suffruticosa and they will bloom in New York State around the end of May.

The flowers are single and double and have a great amount of color, from scarlet ot crimson, white through pink, purple and magenta. Another race is the Lutea or Yellow group, and this group includes the wild species, Paeonia lutea, and also Paeonia delavayi. These colors are yellow to deep maroon and the plants will bloom a week or ten days after the Moutans, but usually will bloom before the herbaceous Chinese Peonie.

You can obtain varieties or colors thru Peony specialists in the United States, can be ordered thru your local plant nursery or from a plant catalogue.

The flowers are incredible in size, often growing to 8, l0 or 12 inches in diameter and are just beautiful. The colors are gorgeous, and just extremely beautiful.

The full double or European varieites have flowers that sometimes can become too heavy and they will hang their heads under the foliage. The Japanese varieties are usually singles or semi-doubles and hold their flowers upright very well.

If you aren't experienced in having a flower garden

you might want to gain experience before planting Tree Peonies. They would be planted much thesame as for herbaceous Peonies. There is a union between the scion and the understock and it should be set about an inch below the surface.

To propagate these would take an especially experienced specialist as it is too slow and too complicated a process for an amateur to attempt.

If you try propagating from seed it isn't quick or even easy.

Be prepared to pay probably 6-l0.00 a root as they are not inexpensive to buy: the prices could even be higher depending on the place you find that is selling Tree Peonies.

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