What Is The Tribute Penny?

What is the Tribute Penny? The Tribute Penny refers to a question asked of Jesus Christ in the Bible about paying taxes to God or to the Roman emperor. A Tribute Penny is the denarius of Emperor Tiberius....

A Tribute Penny is the denarius of Emperor Tiberius. Tiberius was the Roman emperor at the time of Christ's ministry. The Bible makes reference to it when the question was asked of Christ whether we should be paying tribute to Romans or to God. Christ replied that since Caesar's face was on the coin, we should give to the Romans what is due to the Romans and give to God what is due to God. In other words, they still had to pay their taxes. They were trying to trick Christ. At that time the most common coin used to pay taxes was the denarius, so it has been called the Tribute Penny. The reason it is called a penny rather than a denarius is that when the King James translation of the Bible was written, the comparable coin of England was a penny. If they had called it a denarius, nobody would have understood what they meant.

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