All About Tripp Clothing

The Tripp clothing line is perfect for those seeking to perfect a gothic or alternative look. They have a wide selection of uniquely designed clothing and accessories.

Tripp clothing offers a wide selection of alternative and gothic fashions.They have pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, stockings, camisoles, fishnet arm warmers, handbags, and much more.If you are into cutting-edge gothic styles, or you are trying to shop for someone who is, Tripp clothing can be your one-stop shop.This line of clothing will have you alternatively styled from head to toe.Plus, you won't have to scour the globe to find Tripp goods - they are available nationwide at Hot Topic stores, and there are also several locations in Canada.Tripp is gaining considerable media attention for thinking outside of the box with their styles.Their clothing has been featured in such magazines as Elle Girl, YM, Teen People, Seventeen, and Teen Vogue.

What's great about Tripp products is that they can create a look that combines Goth and elegance - a perfect dichotomy.Tripp realizes that alternative styles do not have to be all black and dreary.Alternative styles can be sexy, colorful, and creative as well. Dressing in gothic fashions does not mean you have to look like every other gothic-loving person out there - individuality is the inherent key to alternative dress.Tripp also shows Goth ladies that it is okay to showcase their femininity and choose clothes that flatter their figures.Goth girls do not have to look like guys, and Goth guys do not have to look like twins!Tripp clothing reminds consumers that getting dressed should be a personal expression - let your body be your canvas, and let Tripp clothes be your paint.

Tripp pants come in an array of styles, shapes, and colors.If you are looking for a really hardcore look, then you should check out the Tripp Brass Knuckle Eyelet Chain Cargo Pant.These jet black pants are adorned with metal pieces, chain straps, and more.Ladies should check out the Tripp Black and Red Plaid Strap Pant, which are a fitted bell-bottom style dark denim pant with plaid straps and accents sewn on.Each back leg of these pants has a knee-high zipper that opens to reveal a plaid inlay.The skirts that Tripp carries range from long, baggy cargo skirts to tight, sexy minis.The Tripp Black and Red Polka Dot Bow Skirt is befitting for Goth vixens.The waist is fashioned into a tight band, and then there is a pleated skirt - very short - below the band that is covered with red polka dots against a black background.The two levels of the skirt are divided with a satin ribbon.It is truly a unique and eye-catching piece of apparel.

One of the hottest pieces that Tripp offers - for ladies - is their Black and Turquoise Lace Satin Camisole.You don't have to be a gothic fashionista to don this item either - it really is a chic, sultry top that looks reminiscent of something that one of the leading ladies from HBO's "Sex and the City" would wear with an a-line mini skirt and a fitted suit jacket.Tripp also makes clothing for plus-sized individuals, and they have some really edgy styles available that many overweight people complain they cannot usually find in their size from other companies.The Tripp Denim Corset lets full-figured women show off their voluptuous figures, accentuating the positive, rather than hiding under layers of fabric.It's great to see a company that really embraces uniqueness and strives to appeal to all body types.

The Tripp accessories add so much flair to the clothing line.They have several styles of arm warmers, such as the Fishnet Long Arm Warmers and the Fishnet Lace-up Arm Warmers, both of which look fabulous with any of their corsets or shirts.The handbags are really different, which makes them fun to accessorize with.For an elegant yet edgy bag, check out the Tripp Faux Fur and Chain Purse -- a black evening bag that is covered with faux fur, with a black and silver chain strap.They also carry stylish chains and eyelet accents that you can use to customize your Tripp outfits.This company is definitely worth a look.

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