How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore HE3T Washer That Is Not Spinning

Check to make sure that the drain hose isn't kinked or being sat on by the machine if the machine fails to spin, drain or agitate. Check to see that there's no siphoning taking place at the drain. If the drain hose is pushed too far down the drain at the wall, siphoning can take place. The machine won't drain and then won't spin properly. You need an air gap. Redistribute the load if the Kenmore HE machine won't spin. The load might be unbalanced. Run the "drain and spin" or the" rinse and spin" cycle again one you have redistributed the load. Increase the load size if you're washing a small load with both heavy and light items. The load can be out of balance and stopping the spin. Allow the washer to cool down if the motor won't run. The motor can get overheated and it will stop as a safety measure. Check to make sure that the door is closed if the spin won't function. The suds routine, which removes excess suds in Kenmore HE washers, can delay the spin cycle.

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