How to Troubleshoot Hewlett Packard Printers

By Andy Kirmayer

  • Overview

    Hewlett Packard makes quality printers, but like with all electronics equipment, eventually a problem is bound to crop up. If something does go wrong, it is possible to determine on your own what is wrong and fix it. Hewlett Packard also offers technical support online. By following these steps, you can get your printer working again in a short time.
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    • Step 1

      Determine what is wrong. Read any error messages that pop up on the printer's screen or on your monitor. Check obvious things first, like the power and USB connections.

    • Step 2

      Check the basics. Many times, newer printers will display a message when the ink is low. If this is the case, change the cartridge. Check for paper jams; again, this is usually indicated automatically, but you will have to manually remove the paper by gently pulling it out if there is a jam.
    • Step 3

      Check the printer manual to see if the problem you are having is listed in the troubleshooting section. If it is listed, follow the instructions on how to correct it.
    • Step 4

      Use the printer's software to resolve the problem. On programs such as HP Solution Center, you can control some of the printer's functions as well as troubleshoot the device. Click on "troubleshoot" to access an indexed section with access to various troubleshooting issues, along with links to updates and online support.
    • Step 5

      Visit Hewlett Packard's support page. You will need the printer's name and/or number to type into the field. Select the choice to either download drivers/software or access support and troubleshooting. Click on the name of the printer from the resulting list (see Resources below).
    • Step 6

      Click the "Solve a Problem" link on the website. There will be a list of common errors, with links to causes and instructions for how to fix them. You can also follow the FAQ links as well. If this still doesn't help, you can always contact HP directly for assistance.
    • Step 7

      Try to print again once you think the problem is resolved. If the problem can't be fixed, or it appears to be a hardware problem, then you will have to bring the printer in for service.
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