Tunica, MS Casinos

Tunica MS. still has a long way to go before the rival casino owners in Las Vegas will be lying awake nights, but it has made a good start.

In the unlikely setting of what for centuries was prime acreage for growing cotton stand ten glitzy gambling casinos. Tunica Mississippi is fast becoming a popular tourist destination.

Thirty minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Memphis Tennessee, Tunica has built a gambling haven out of nothing. After winning a lengthy court battle with area opponents of gambling, Tunica opened its first gambling establishment, the now-defunct Splash Casino. Since then, various casinos have come and gone but Tunica is still going strong and expanding. There are now ten casinos operating in the area, each with its own individual theme.

Sam's Town is one of the most popular and one of the largest casinos in Tunica. Everything about Sam's Town shouts "Old West". Even the facades of the casino and hotel are fashioned after Old West buildings. Inside, Sam's Town is always crowded with tourists and locals alike. This casino is huge with two floors and many private gaming rooms. The hotel is spacious with luxurious rooms and several restaurants. The entertainment at Sam's Town is excellent with only the most popular live entertainment. Gaming at Sam's Town can be loud and chaotic at times with all the crowds but the total effect is one of great fun.

The Grand Casino is by far the largest casino in Tunica. There are several hotels and numerous restaurants serving all kinds of sumptuous food. Grand Casino also has golf courses, tennis courts, a watersports area and just about any diversion a tourist could desire. Entertainment is at its best at The Grand with nationally-known as well as local performers. Gaming at this casino almost takes a back seat since there are so many other things to do while there. There is even a supervised children's amusement area where kids can play games and have fun with or without their parents. Tourists should prepare to do a lot of walking here. This casino is huge!

For those in search of sheer elegance, Gold Strike Casino is the place. Everything about Gold Strike is luxurious. The hotel is elegant and spacious with all the amenities. The service staff is impeccable. Restaurants serve wonderful food in a beautiful atmosphere. Gaming at Gold Strike is a bit more quiet and relaxed than at some of the other casinos probably because of the luxurious ambiance. Gold Strike also books nationally-known performers and frequently has sell-out shows.

The vintage cadillac with the steer horns lets you know you have arrived at Horseshoe Casino. You will never visit Horseshoe and find a sparse crowd. The addition of a new parking garage makes finding a parking place much easier here. Horseshoe has a western theme but it's not overpowering. You will find all kinds of patrons there from all over the world enjoying the Horseshoe hospitality and service. Horseshoe is also generous with comps (complimentary gifts). Play there often and you will find yourself enjoying many of their delicious meals, free gifts and exquisite accomodations at no cost.

Fitzgerald's Casino is everything Irish. Walk past the front doors and kiss the Blarney Stone for luck. Then go inside to a world of shamrocks and The Luck O' the Irish. Fitzgerald's is not as large as some of Tunica's other casinos but it has a loyal group of out-of-town and local patrons who keep this casino full around the clock.

Fitzgerald's has a full-service hotel with great service and lots of delicious foods to fit all tastes. You can always count on this casino for contests and giveaways galore. With the additon of its new multi-level parking garage, gambling is only steps away from your car.

From the outside, the Sheraton Casino looks like a castle. But there are no ogres chained in the basement here--just great fun and gambling excitement. The Sheraton is a medium sized casino. One of the three casinos on Casino Strip, the Sheraton sits alongside Horseshoe and Gold Strike Casinos. Sheraton's atmosphere is somewhere between the elegance of Gold Strike and the raucous fun of Horseshoe. Sheraton is a multi-level casino with courteous, accomodating personnel and spacious restaurants.

Hollywood Casino has something for everyone. There are full-size exhibits of everything from the Batmobile to vintage sports cars. First-run movies play continuously on huge screens above the gambling floor. There are many restaurants featuring all types cuisines.

Gaming at Hollywood is great on the spacious casino floor. The courteous floor personnel and generous complimentary items make this casino an all-around good choice.

Harrah's Mardi Gras Casino has a New Orleans theme. Walking through the entrance, you are serenaded by Dixieland jazz and tossed beads from the balcony, while enjoying the beautiful live cockatoos perched above. Harrah's main gaming floor is a spacious area with loads of gaming tables and machines. On Harrah's upper level are lots of first-rate restaurants and souvenir shops.

If small casinos are more attractive to you, visit Bally's. Bally's has an almost homey-type atmosphere, with its smaller gaming floor and eager-to-please staff. Bally's also hosts great entertainment with local as well as national talent. The food at Bally's is simply delicious with many regional dishes being served. Bally's also has a large hotel nearby with luxurious large rooms and great service.

The smallest and newest casino in Tunica is the Isle of Capri. The casino is decorated in a tropical island type motif. While this casino is very small, gaming here is just as exciting as in the larger establishments. During holidays and weekends this smaller casino is often packed to capacity with locals and tourists. Service at the Isle of Capri is very courteous and complimentary items are generous.

Tunica is still growing with other casinos planned for construction in the near future. Already, malls and many businesses are being drawn to the area to accomodate proposed expansion.

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