Turning Junk Into Money: Selling Your Old Items

If your house is full of items that you want to get rid of, check out sales options through antique dealers and yard sales.

Is your house getting cluttered because of no place to put everything? It seems we tend to hang on to things that we never use. So if you have finally decided to get rid of everything that you no longer need, why not make some extra money?

The first thing you need to do is start in the attic. Bring everything you want to dispose of downstairs and set it in a spacious area, like the dining room table or family room floor. Go though it looking for anything that might sell to a secondhand dealer, such as books, children clothes, baby furniture, toys, sport equipment and collectors' cards, lamps, book cases, furniture, and anything that is very old that might be worth a lot of money.

Then go though your bedrooms and have your children search their rooms as well to get rid of all the clothes they can't wear and the things they don't like and won't wear. If they have any sport equipment like baseball shoes that don't fit anymore, these would be a good item to sell. The same goes for any kind of equipment. Inspect things you plan to sell to ensure they are in good condition. If not, set them aside for the trash bin.

Keep going through each room until you reach the basement. You are going to be surprised how much stuff you will find throughout your home. Then do the garage last, and go through that looking for salvageable tools, lawn equipment, and automotive parts or supplies.

While going though your things, make sure they work and wash or clean them to look there best. You can either go to a flee market to sell your things or have a yard sale. If you have a yard or garage sale, pick a weekend when you and maybe a couple other members of the family are going to be home. If you want to get people to come, be sure to advertise well in advance of your event. Put up a sign with an arrow pointing to your home and including your address. Place them in different directions from about a half- mile out to your house. Tie multi-colored balloons to your mailbox, the higher the better, so people around your neighborhood will see them.

The secret of selling is to advertise, advertise, and advertise. You also can place an ad in the local newspaper for miscellaneous items. Or post an ad at the grocery store or doctor's office. Don't forget about Internet sales on sites like Ebay and Amazon. Or put up your own Website and sell things occasionally from that location.

You can always contact local secondhand dealers, thrift stores that buy in addition to taking donations, and antique shop owners. Check the yellow pages or surf the Net for buyers that are looking for the items you want to get rid of.

With the right public exposure and advertising, you can make hundreds of dollars in a few days on items that might otherwise find a home in the junk bin. So start looking for that elusive pot of gold that is hidden in the humdrum litter of your home.

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