Tuscan Kitchen Idea For Your Home

Learn to create the ambiance of those great old Tuscan kitchens in your own home.

It seems now, as never before, we have rediscovered the joy of entertaining in our homes. Be it an intimate group of close friends or a large formal gathering, more and more of us are passionate about sharing an evening with friends and family in the comfort of our own homes. After a stressful day on the job, juggling kids' activities, and after a difficult commute, the idea of a quiet evening at home is more appealing than ever.

Today's entertaining features the kitchen as the center of the festivities. No longer is one person stuck preparing dinner while everyone else is off in the living room or den. We are enjoying the camaraderie of friends, delegating chores, sharing a glass of wine. Preparing the meal becomes part of the entertainment.

The more warm and inviting the kitchen is, the more your friends will gravitate to it. The perfect examples are those great, old Italian kitchens found in Tuscany. You can achieve that same ambiance in your own home, even if it's a split-level ranch in the suburbs! You just have to choose those elements that make the Tuscan kitchen unique, and adopt them as your own.

Color is always a good place to start. To achieve a truly Tuscan feel, draw on the colors of nature, as they have done for years. Many walls feature deep yellows and warm golden hues. Many Italian style kitchens feature flooring of stone or quarry tiles, in an earthy ochre or cinnamon shade. If you cannot afford a new floor, there are many lovely area rugs you could use.

Another easy and inexpensive way to achieve this look is with accessories. Ropes of garlic and dried peppers look great, as well as assorted bottles of flavored oils and vinegars. These are very appealing and can be found almost anywhere. A bowl of golden, Anjou pears in an earthenware or wooden bowl is a striking, yet inexpensive centerpiece for the kitchen table. Don't forget how attractive your cookware can be displayed too! Shiny, copper pans, stainless steel colanders, etc. could all be displayed in a pot rack suspended from the ceiling. A lovely wine rack stocked with your favorite wines; looks great surrounded by a set of wineglasses, perhaps in a deep cobalt blue. These beautiful colors of nature all work well together, deep warm golds, cinnamon, cobalt blue, and moss green. Just let your creative juices flow, creating interesting still lifes with the accessories mentioned above.

Many other interesting accessories can be incorporated into this style. An herb garden of rosemary, basil, and thyme in a sunny kitchen window is both functional and attractive. Vintage advertising prints or posters featuring pastas and wines are available at many import and department stores. Jars of dried pastas, spices, and herbs are always useful, as well as decorative.

Equipped with these suggestions, and a lot of your own personality, you can create a lovely Tuscan style kitchen. A place where you can enjoy the pleasures of cooking and entertaining. A place of laughter, good food, and drink, and many great memories.


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