Twelve Things To Watch Out For When Getting A Psychic Reading

Twelve things to watch out for when getting a psychic reading is a practical yet comprehensive look at scams and rip-offs to watch out for in detail when getting a psychic reading.

Before journeying down that mystical corridor to try to foreknow your future and your future probabilities as they are laid out for you via phone call or at a reading table and presented to you by a practicing psychic that accesses or receives information from the spiritual portal of life, be careful. As your curiosity compels you to reach outside yourself for others intuitive guidance for your own life path, begin your journey into insight, foreknowledge and intuition by first empowering yourself with tid bits of knowledge in what to watch out for in order to make informed decisions. This article gives you a comprehensive, fair and practical look at twelve scams and rip-offs to watch out for in the ever growing mystical community. Your savvy as a consumer is just an article away. Listed below are twelve scams and rip-offs to watch out for when gaining access to others insight for your own life path.

1. Watch out! Try not to connect products with readings or sessions when dealing with psychic readings until after the session is over unless their craft must absolutely use the product to conduct the session. If you see a product the psychic community member has available for you to purchase, go ahead and buy it if it is for you. Everyone shops. And whether it is for a necessary item or frivolous item, it is a great buy if you want it. Most of our lives and homes are full of everyday stuff that we use and the not so ordinary stuff that we must collect for those rather empty looking house nooks and crannies.

Whether you catch it on sale, or but it at full price, be happy with your purchase. In contrast, try your absolute best not to get pushed, intimidated, or emotionally badgered into buying a product that you do not want to buy from someone practicing in the psychic community by way of them forcing that product on you by saying statements to you such as you have to have the item in order for your life or love to be ok, or scaring you into buying it by saying statements to you such as your life may depend on it, or emotionally badgering you by telling you that your lover is not going to come home unless you buy that specific product that they conveniently have right there for you, that you have to buy from them only.

You have to often wonder why the candles that some psychic readers claim to have to use cost you upwards of $500.00 at one sitting, which sounds suspiciously close in number to a lump sum rent or mortgage payment, and just exactly why that particualr candle or candle set is the only one that you absolutely have to buy for them to use in reuniting your old, gone, lost love. It would be an interesting predicament to be in to find out just what would happen to your old, gone, lost love if that candle set was never made, or if there was a cheaper substitute candle set they could use while performing their ritualistic ceremony waiting for you at the local corner shop if the real set was not readily available.

There would be much less scandal surrounding psychic products if the community members that want to, and currently do charge upwards of $500.00 for a candle, or candle set, would be honest about it. There are many people that buy products that are higher priced, because they do not want lower priced merchandise. But even when you buy a high priced item, you do not want to be duped into buying it.

Many women and men get rooked into paying top dollar for a top dollar scam. Pay for a product based on what it can actually perform, and how much you would normally pay for an item of similar quality. If you are going to be told that the item you are considering purchasing is going to have special properties of any kind, ask what kind of special properties it possesses in detail, what the refund policy is, if any, and ask them to prove that is has those properties before you begin to pay. Case studies, proven properties over time, or former clients that this method has been proven on are good references.

You can love and value someone. You can even expect special properties to appear from an ordinary object, talisman or product if that is how you choose to believe, and it may happen. Yet, as a general rule, always try to remember that unless that candle, special vase, potion, lotion, concoction, crystal, rock, rune, card deck or object that you are purchasing or receiving information from can move on it's own supernaturally, or speak to you with it's own mouth, you should not count on it even in the context of a session as a guarantee to solve all of your life's problems. Chances are very real that you are going to have to decide to take the real route with realistic steps and a little help from a psychic community member in discovering how to get what you want, and what you can reasonably expect to attain based on your current circumstances in your life path.

2. Watch out! Please try not to get scammed into paying someone from the psychic community while they write down your full name, your number, and your own full address, complete with your zip or postal code without knowing that you are being charged for that information at the same price you are being charged for the session or reading, up front. That is not part of a session, and should not be included in the session fee. That time adds up and zaps your cash faster than a magician could, way before the session begins. Usually no one writes as fast as a person speaks. For example, if you are paying $5.00 a minute for a session and you spend five minutes on a phone line while the intuitive community member personnel is taking your information for themselves or their company, you have already paid $25.00 just for giving out your own information. Do the math. It just does not add up to savings. Conversely, if you have to give this information out before the session to verify your method of payment, that should be alright because it is a standard business practice. Think twice before you shell out dollar signs to tell someone who you are and what your own address is. That is being taken advantage of, unless you know and agree up front.

3. Watch out for yourself and where you are going to be at, physically. Use your own common sense and at least a piece of practicality even when it involves mystical encounters. Never go to an intuitive establishment without first speaking with the psychic person over the telephone, driving by the establishment first or gaining a good referral from a friend, unless you are familiar with the place. You need to get a feel for the overall environment that you are entering into and know what kinds of practices that they are involved with, if any, before you go. You should not just want to wing it and end up in the midst of just anything.

4. Watch out for any psychic that is not psychic. Nowadays, that is usually a regular, not rare occurence. Within the first five or ten minutes depending on what gift or ability they have, even if they are giving that insight or information using a divination, the psychic should be at least able to tell you something about your life or yourself that you did not say or that they could not naturally know. They should also be able to tell you if they did not see anything for you, instead of making something up. Honesty is the best policy on both sides of the reading.

People may still pay for a non-psychic confidant if they were not expecting a psychic and getting a non-psychically gifted person instead. That only provokes anger. It is better to let people make an informed decision. No one can see all of anyones life, but psychic community members should be able to help you see something about yourself during a session, even if it is just getting you to view your situation a different way. Hence, intuition can be present in people in many differing ways from senses to visions and anything extra sensory in between. Although, when dealing with psychic businesses, some do advertise on the internet for home makers, not psychics. So before you pay money, make sure you are getting a person with an ability or talent. Be careful with concentrating too highly on psychic credentials. Word of mouth, or simply talking with a psychic first, would be your best bet in discovering their abilities or capabilities. After all, psychics are people that have natural yet extra sensory type abilities. Their abilities are not usually book learned course talents. Although, more often, classes to help others discover their own intuitive abilities are being given. The proof is in the session.

Watch out for psychics that try to tell you using coercion that before you begin the first session you absolutely must come back to clear up mist, fog, negativity, black clouds hanging around you, demons, or any other spiritual things that are alleged elements hampering or going to hamper your life path without your consent, or without you feeling that what they are saying is true information.

If this happens, stop the current session and ask them to clairify what they mean, in detail, until you are sure or clear on what they are trying to say. If it is not just an intimidating sales pitch, they should give you some verifiable detail to chew on, metaphorically speaking. If it was a pressure tactic, they may be stammering and stumbling throughout the explaination. In that case, sit back and watch before leaving.

Along with that, watch out for an intuitive community member that has to have more money to see "better" or "more clearly" for you than for the agreed upon amount. Start laughing, because that is what they will probably be doing at you, if you are gullable enough to fork over that cash for that reason.

Hence, be wary of psychics that tell you in order something good in your life to happen such as a raise, a loved one returning, success, instant wealth or currently unattainable power, you need to fork over massive amounts of undiscussed or undislcosed money for them to make this happen to you or for you in your life. They may be in agreement with your for wealth or other things, and you may both be blessed with creating positive energy into your life because of the reading that brings about change, but not at a 100% rate of accuracy, and certainly not for undiscussed or undisclosed amounts of cash.

6. Watch out for any psychics that have you running around in circles of pandemonium in search of any range of superstitious goods from rabbits feet, candles, claws of any kind, hair, or any other object not directly related to the problem or issue at hand to make a love return, or reunite you, unless you are choosing to. Also, if they do have or request something of you or from you other than to be a participant in your own session, ask them what the point and purpose is and how that action will be of assistance to you. Then, either go ahead with the session, or back out. You should always have a choice.

7. Watch out for 100% guarantees. Run like the wind if a psychic gives you a 100% guarantee on getting a person back into your life or doing anything for you 100% session wise. In romance, unless they guarantee to go get your wanted loved one from their home, and physically drag them over to your door kicking and screaming which is quite illegal, do not fall victim to a 100% guarantee. There is nothing more gross than forcing someone to love you, and getting someone to try to help you achieve that goal. Go to counseling if you need this to happen in your life. Forcing is violence, and violence is against the law.

8. Watch out for psychics that nastily belittle you, start verbally abusing you, or make you feel queasy or uncomfortable for a reason other than your perception of the session or them. If this starts to happen, hang up or leave. If you do not want to be shocked, tell the psychic. You should be allowed to ask what you want to know and only get those answers. In contrast, make sure that you do not confuse that statement with giving yourself permission not to pay when you did not get to hear what you wanted during your session time. In dealing with Karma, what energy you put out there usually comes back to you. So be careful.

9. Watch out for stated prices from signs or specials that lure you in to the psychic reading, only to change as soon as you walk in the door. They can be as dangerous as falling rocks. If the sign out front says $10.00 a session tell the psychic upon entering that you would like the $10.00 reading.

If the psychic tries to change the price, or tells you that the advertised price you saw, wanted, and are agreeing to is different, not for you or that particular session would not benefit you or your situation, after you have already gone inside without giving you the option to decline upgrading or decline altering your wanted advertised session, walk out. That is called a bait and switch technique. They bait you with a posted offer on a sign with an advertised sale price, and then they switch the deal on you when they have you in the door. Conversely, any business can alter a sale without notification if the sign is not visible to the public especially if stated in sale flyer fine print, or the stated sign time limit is up, or if they offer you another special that cancels out the one on the sign. If they notify you verbally of any special rate changing even if the rate is posted, consider yourself notified.

10. Watch out for psychics that attack your own belief system during a reading. A good psychic will tell you how they believe their information come to them for you. However, they should not attack your religion or your God if it differs. If you do not find that they serve the same God you do or the same way that you do, you always should have the option to either choose to go ahead with the session, or to walk away, or hang up. Don't dabble in something that makes you uncomfortable, yet feel free to try new things that make you feel ok.

11. Watch out for the ultimate psychic scam that takes advantage of eager people wanting to know more of their fate through the psychic community. The new scam is mostly done by overseas lines placing people paying by the minute on hold or in a chat room until their reading, at the reading rate prices without the person knowing or realizing that they are even being charged for that waiting time at a psychic session rate. There are ads out there by companies that will place and ad stating that they have an overseas line without any further psychic charges. Be careful, and check your per minute phone rates to their location to see exactly how much that free service is really costing you by the minute. Along with that, please make sure that you are not paying a psychic to meditate, talk on the other line to their friends or family on your dollar, or hang up.

12. Please watch out for psychics that solicit money from you above and beyond your paid reading.

While there are many scams and rip-offs out there in the psychic community, not all psychics are out to scam people. Psychics get their feelings hurt just like everyone else, so be careful not to cause hard feelings that are not necessary. If the practicing psychic tells you how much the services cost or are going to cost you up front, pay them. If you can not afford to call at the listed price, do not call. Emotional manipulation works both ways. Nothing in life is free. Don't lump the whole community together as a group. There are many diverse people and differing talents. If you do not like a particular session with one psychic, try a different reader or another session that may be for you. Watch out for scamming psychics. Appreciate the psychics that take their time to make your session both enjoyable and comfortable for you. Some psychics work well with others in their field as both healthy wealth wheeling merchants and savvy advisors. Some do not. Remember that the word psychic usually refers to a real and ordinary person with a usually exciting, vital and marketable ability or talent. If you don't like how they practice, stay out of their shop. Psychics are people too. The suit of judgement does not look good on anyone.

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