What Type Of Grass Should You Plant?

Learn the best type of grass to plant in your yard.

Are you planning to plant some lawn grass, you'll need a lot of information before deciding what type or kind of grass to plant? There are probably close to 1,100 species of the Grass family but only some of those are used for planting turf. The average gardener needs to know the following:

For the South:

Bermude Grass- planted by seeds or sprigged

Carpet Grass- Seeded (occasionally sprigged)

Centipede Grass- Sprigged (occasionally seeded)

St. Augustine Grass- Sprigged only

Bahia Grass- Seeded or sprigged

Manila Grass (Zoysia matrella)- Sprigged only

Korean Lawngrass (Zoysia japonica)- Sprigged only

For the North:

Kentucky Bluegrass- Seeded only

Trivialis Bluegrass- Seeded only

Bentgrass- Seeded or sprigged

Redtop- Seeded only

Fescue- Seeded only

Ryegrass- Seeded only

For the Plains States

Buffalo grass- Seeded or sprigged

Grama Grass- Seeded only

Crested Wheat Grass- Seeded only

You'll need to consider also if you have a shady lawn as these are the most difficult to maintain because of the tree roots competing for water and nutrients.

Sometimes you need to get a mixture of grass seeds to have the best possible lawn for your area, I would suggest that you think carefully before making your decision on what type of grass to plant, check with your neighbors and also your local nursery.

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