What Type Of Piping Is Used In Geothermal Heating And Cooling?

What type of piping is used in geothermal heating and cooling? High-density polyethylene is used. It transfers heat and is corrosion resistant. The type of piping material that we use in the ground is high-density...

The type of piping material that we use in the ground is high-density polyethylene. It's made for geothermal applications so it has all the characteristics that we want as far as heat transfer and the ability to resist corrosion. All the connections are done by heat fusion.

The pipe is thermally welded together at about 500 degrees, so that there is no glue or clamps that would deteriorate over time. We offer a 55 year warranty on our pipe, and it's a very reliable piece of material. The decision as far as which type of earth loop to install is based on how much land we have available and what the conditions are as far as drilling or excavating. On larger lots, typically half an acre or a three quarters of an acre or larger, we can generally get in a horizontal loop for an average house. On a small suburban lot or a small urban lot, you may have to install that pipe vertically, so it takes up much less space.

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