What Type Of Room Lighting Is Best?

You don't have to use just one type of home lighting. Look over several types and mix or match them for function and beauty.

Adding lights to your home is like inviting sunshine into your life. Where would we be without indoor light? Thomas Edison knew that this wonderful addition to modern living would prove valuable and become indispensable for most people for home, office, and entertainment usage.

In building or remodeling your home, you may be wondering which type of lights to use, with so many selections to choose from. You don't have to use the same lighting in all of your rooms. Here are a few ideas of style and function that may help you make a decision for each area of your residence.

Ceiling lights are the most common in today's homes. Usually round or square with glass or plastic covers, these tend to be large and require several bulbs to emit the right amount of light for a large room or area. Some rooms may require two ceiling lights for adequate illumination. These are especially useful for rooms with centralized activity, like a living room, family room, or kitchen, where several people may be engaged at the same time and often interacting with each other. Be sure the covers are secured tightly, as they can cause serious damage or break if they come loose and fall.

Track lighting is typically rectangular and snake-length in nature, though it may coil or wrap into various modern designs. You can view these at online Web sites with ordering information, which is the case with all the lighting forms discussed here. Track lights brighten specific room areas or sections, such as a home office, work bench, den, or reading area.

Wall lamps frequently adopt a "period" look from bygone eras, though they can be modern as well. These work well for hallways, stairwells, attic and basement areas, and out-of-the-way nooks and crannies. When you mount several of these in a large room or area, you enjoy the advantage of using only the ones you need for a given space, thereby saving electric costs.

Table lamps continue to serve a useful function in many homes. Attractive as accents, they also are good for desks, counter-tops, dressers or chests, and work areas, they provide a minimum amount of focused lighting that can help you see better and save electricity, too.

Floor lamps have become a little less commonly used than in previous years. But many households still retain Grandma Martha's favorite living room floor lamp with the fringed shade and the claw feet. Used as decorator items or for area lighting, floor lamps can be readily moved to various spots as needed.

Whatever your home's dark spots, take your pick from lighting options like these to brighten all the corners of your dwelling. There is a light for every occasion, so find those that are best suited to your lifestyle. Remember to include your lamps of all types in you cleaning chores to keep shades bright and lint-free, globes clear and sparkling, and bases free of dust or grime. Then turn on the switch and enjoy!

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