Types Of Headaches

What are some different types of headaches? How do you get them?

Headaches are so common that they have become one of life's routine/problems. They're so routine that you usually just take a couple of pain relievers, go on about your business and forget about it. But did you know that there are different kinds of headaches?

Tension headaches

These are caused mostly by physical or psychological stress (or both) from muscles contractions around the eyes, face, neck and even shoulders; or an imbalance in some of the naturally occurring neuro-transmitters or brain chemicals.

Cluster headaches

These are also known as histamine caphalgia and cause an excruciating pain on one side of the head around the eye or nose. They may recur several times within a couple of days. Sometimes they are variants of migraine headaches, but may also be due to histamine release, and therefore, be related to allergic sinusitis.


This inflammation of the lining of one of the eight sinus cavities can cause a deep, dull, chronic ache around the eyes, nose and head.

TMJ pain

Temporomandibular Joint pain is the result of an imbalance in the teeth or jaws resulting from a mechanical problem or muscle contraction around the joint where the lower jaw joins the face (on the side of the cheekbone in front of the ear).

Rebound headache

Overuse of pain medication, caffeine or sedatives causes rebound headaches when these substances wear off. The result is usually greater discomfort. Mild to moderate dull pain, or diffuse pain over the forehead or back of the head is what can be experienced.

Migraine headaches

These are severe, debilitating and recurrent, are accompanied by disturbances of vision and/or nausea and vomiting. There is no single cause of migraine. It tends to run in families, but the exact mechanism of inheritance is not understood. In a susceptible person, a migraine

may be brought on singly or in combination by stress, food (particularly chocolate, cheese and other dairy products, red wine, fried food and citrus fruits), sensory related factors (bright light, glare, loud noises), menstruation or birth control pills.

Next time you get a headache, think about what type it might be and this might help in determining the proper cure.

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