Types Of Holiday Flags

Types of holiday flags. Most flag stores have seasonal and holiday flags. There are flags for any holiday season available at flag stores. Even foreign holiday flags can be found. Our flag expert, Joe Parish,...

There are flags for any holiday season available at flag stores. Even foreign holiday flags can be found. Our flag expert, Joe Parish, who has more than fifty years experience in the flag industry, says they are very popular.

"We keep most seasonal flags and banners around for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. There are even some for spring, summer, or fall. We do keep a selection in stock," Parish says.

The avid flag collector will have a flag or banner for every occasion. You can even have birthday flags made up for a special loved one. All you have to do is customize the flag exactly the way you want it. You can place all these flags in your garden or near the entranceway to your home.

For many foreigners, having special holiday flags helps them feel closer to their native land. There are flags for the Chinese New Year, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead - a celebration in Mexico), and many more.

When you buy holiday flags, most flag stores also sell flag kits. They come in a variety of sizes. These kits have all the necessities to hang your flag wherever you want it. Holiday flags don't have any special etiquette rules, so you don't have to worry that you're hanging it in the wrong position.

If you can't find the flag you need, you can always research the internet. There are many stores all around the world that will surely have the flag you desire.

Outdoor holiday flags can cost you anywhere from ten dollars to more than a thousand dollars. They also come in a variety of sizes. Here are some recommendations on how to fit your flagpole with your flag:

For a 5 ft flagpole use a 2x3 ft or 2.5x4 ft flag. For a 6 ft pole use a 3x5 ft flag. Flags larger than 3x5 ft are generally too large for a pole and bracket display. 3x5 ft flags are attractive on medium to large size homes and 2x3 ft or 2.5x4 ft sizes are more proportionate for smaller homes. Use any one inch bracket that you prefer with any one inch pole, or a 3/4 inch bracket with a 3/4 inch pole. Typically decorative flags are hung horizontally or slightly tipped up in an adjustable bracket, and traditional style flags, such as U.S, nations, military and historic are displayed at an angle.

Whatever type of holiday flag you decide to buy, Parish says make sure you properly take care of your flags. This is key if you want to get the most for your money. Don't keep them out in the sun too much, as the sun fades even the best quality flags. Try to take them down when it is raining or snowing to avoid weathering. Also, try to change out your flag every few weeks. This will enable you to use your holiday flag for years to come. This will also ensure that you keep more money in your pocket book.

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