Types Of Pasta

There are so many different types of pasta available to the consumer today, it is hard to know which pasta goes by what name.

In the world of cooking and ingredients today, there are around 300 different types of pasta, and probably approximately four times as many names for them. New shapes are being designed ¡V and named everyday.

The following are just a few of the many pastas (and their uses) available in your local supermarket:

Anelli / aniline: small rings used for soup

Bucatini: Long medium tubes used for basic pasta dishes

Cannelloni: Large, thick round pasta tubes

Capelli d¡¦angelo: Thin strands of ¡¥angel hair¡¦ very similar to spaghetti

Cochiglie: Ridged tiny shells the size of lentils.

Cresti di gallo: curved shape, brown in colour.

Ditali/ ditalini: Short tubes similar to macaroni

Eliche: Loose spirals.

Farfalle: Bows used as an interesting shape for pasta and sauce dishes.

Fettuccine: Medium ribbons

Fusilli: Long twists often used in desserts and sweet dishes.

Gemelli: Two pieces wrapped together to look like ¡¥twins¡¦

Lasagne: Sheets of flat rectangular pasta

Linguini: Long flat ribbons similar to fettuccini.

Lumache: Snail-shaped shells

Lumaconi: Big shells often used for fillings

Macaroni: Long or short cut tubes, a favourite with cheese sauce.

Orecchiette: Ear-shaped

Penne: Quill shaped small pasta

Rigatoni: Thick ridged tubes

Spaghetti: Fine or medium rods

Tagliarini: Thin ribbons

Tagliatelle: broad ribbons

Vermicelli: Fine pasta, usually folded into skeins and stuffed/filled.

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