Types of Vibrators

By Heather Rutherford

  • Overview

    Vibrators have been around since 1870. The original vibrator was a steam-powered version used to cure female hysteria. The vibrator has come a long way since then. Now vibrators are used for pleasure for both men and women. Often couples will use vibrators together to spice up their sex lives. Due to an increase in demand, there are now many different types of vibrators. These five vibrators are a good sampling of the current offerings on the market.
    Types of Vibrators
  • Traditional Vibrators

    A traditional vibrator is often made of a hard plastic material. The vibrator itself is relatively thin and typically less than 7 inches long. The vibration can be controlled by a rotating knob found at the base of the vibrator. These vibrators are often the least expensive variety available and can be a good starter vibrator for those who are not sure if a vibrator would make a good investment.
  • Rabbit Vibrators

    A rabbit vibrator is a soft, silicon-style vibrator with an interesting attachment that looks like a rabbit. The rabbit is perched on top of a traditional silicone vibrator toward the base. The rabbit's two little ears offer two-sided clitoral stimulation while the dildo and vibrations contribute to both G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

  • Remote-Controlled Vibrators

    Remote-controlled vibrators work well for couples or individuals. These vibrators work by strapping a vibrating pad or dildo into place. The attachment can then be controlled by a remote control. Most remotes have a simple dial that can adjust the vibrating speed up and down. Several types of remote-controlled vibrators allow for the type of vibration to be adjusted. When shopping for a remote-controlled vibrator, look for the type of attachment. It should provide the preference of clitoral, G-spot or simultaneous stimulation and attach comfortably and easily. People who are overweight or underweight will want to take extra care in ensuring that the attachment will attach to their other-than-average frame.
  • Bullet Vibrators

    The bullet vibrator was one of the earliest modern vibrators to hit the market. This type of vibrator is known for its small size and multidimensional usage. The bullet is a small elliptical piece of plastic or metal, about 2½ inches long and 1 inch thick, that can be used for clitoral stimulation or internally for vaginal stimulation. The bullet is connected by a short cord to a vibration regulator, and is a good option for those who enjoy a bit of a clumsy and unpredictable touch.
  • Realistic Vibrators

    Realistic vibrators imitate the appearance of a penis. These realistic vibrators appear to have similar veining, structure and often color of a penis. They are often made of a supple silicone material that mimics the feel of skin, and some have been fashioned from molds of real penises while others are more of an upgrade from the real thing. Most of these vibrators have a simple dial or switch system located near their base to control speed and intensity.
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