What Are The Types Of Wood Siding For A Home?

What are the types of wood siding for a home? You must maintain any siding that is made of wood. You've been looking for the perfect wood siding to go on your house, and you'd like to know your options....

You've been looking for the perfect wood siding to go on your house, and you'd like to know your options. Scott Seiler, Marketing Director for ABC Seamless with 33 years in the home improvement business, says there are many different types of wood siding out there and that picking one will depend on your taste and budget.

Log siding is a nice option if you've ever thought about making your home look cozy. This siding doesn't necessarily have to be wood though. It can simply just have the appearance and touch of wood siding.

"So many people want the look of a traditional log siding home, but the maintenance with it, with staining and the corking around the windows, is quite high. Then, you also have a shrinkage factor because wood log siding is natural, so it is going to shrink. We go for the maintenance free aspect. It looks like log siding, but people don't have to stain it, or cork it, or anything. So the home has the look of a traditional log siding home without the maintenance headaches. Our siding also lasts a lifetime," Seiler says.

The cost of log siding ranges. It depends on the material used to make it. So check with different siding companies to see what your options are. If you don't want log siding, there are still other wood siding options for your home. Cedar siding is an example. Seiler says it can be a great addition to your home.

"That is a natural product, so it gives the home a nice natural look. Cedar has a nice look to it, so that is a plus sign. The bad part of it is you need to maintain cedar siding. It depends on where you live, but we tell homeowners to re-stain cedar siding. One reason is to protect it from the natural elements like the sun, rain, or snow. Two, there is a lot of fading, as well. With proper care and maintenance every two or three years, it can look good if you put the stain on it. It will get that dull gray look if you don't take care of it. Also, water can feed into the actual cedar siding and start to rot it if it is not taken care of properly. That is its downfall," Seiler says.

Cedar siding will cost you. The labor and maintenance aspects are just two issues when going this route. Prices vary from state to state, so check with your local siding companies to see how much cedar siding will cost in your area.

Whether you decide to go with log siding or cedar siding, compare and bargain shop when looking at wood siding for your home. Seiler says don't always go for the cheaper contractor though. Pick the company with the best warranties and service. Finding a reputable company is also another good tip. You don't want to get a great warranty to discover the siding company has gone out of business a year from now. You can also ask for references to see how other customers rate the siding business. Doing the research can help you avoid headaches later.

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