UFO Information: History Of Area 51

An overview of the theories and legends surrounding this Super-Secret Government installation.

Area 51 refers to a government test facility located in Nevada. For several decades this site has been the center for the development of highly classified national security projects. It has been the birthplace of ultra secret spy aircraft such as the U-2, SR-71, the stealth aircraft that annihilated the Iraqi defenses in the opening hours of Desert Storm. It has also been home to on-going research in stealth technology.

In recent years many observers had reported seeing strange lights maneuvering in ways conventional aircraft do not and cannot: flying at high speeds, abruptly stopping, and hovering for short periods of time.

The early sightings were almost all at night and nothing more than lights were to be seen. There were several instances where observers were able to see objects reflecting the moonlight. They described these objects as huge triangles. In May of 1990 observers witnessed an object during the daytime. They reported the same peculiar shape.

According to an article in the October 1990 issue of "Aviation Week and Space Technology", the triangles "had been spotted recently over the northern end of Antelope Valley, near Edwards Air Force Base, and Mojave, California, as well as central Nevada."

The author of this article remarked that to all indications a "quantum leap in aviation," even beyond stealth technology, apparently had taken place.

Other writers have theorized that this is the facility where the remains of an alien spacecraft are stored. Still others suggest that this is the test facility for "flying saucer" designs, which include force field technology, and gravity drive systems. It is rumored that these designs are not necessarily of human origin.

Several writers and researchers have allegedly interviewed persons who describe secret projects based on extraterrestrial technology, but none has offered any substantial proof to validate his claims.

Over the years, these rumors have fed the science fiction based folklore, including a treaty in which aliens have provided the American government with their technology for permission to abduct citizens.

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