Under The Sea Birthday Party Theme

Under the sea birthday party theme! Mermaids, treasure chests, sand and sea make this party an unforgettable birthday any child would love!

AGES: 2-8


COST: Under $25


Using clear drying craft glue, sprinkle some real sand on your invitation and attach a miniature fishing pole made of a small stick, yarn and gummy worm candy. You could also staple your invitation to a snack packet of gold fish crackers!


If you are having your party at the beach all you will need to add is small shovels and containers in different sizes and shapes for molding and packing the sand. This is a fun activity away from the beach too just bring in a load of sand and place it on a large tarp. The sand will need to be slightly damp to pack well. A small bread loaf pan is a fun way to make bricks to stack and make a large castle or kids can make their own smaller creations. You can make a sand scoop for each child by turning a 1/2 gallon plastic milk jug on its side and cut a large oval out right below the handle. Be sure to keep the cap on the milk jugs! Have a variety of kitchen utensils and spoons available for the kids to use as a stencil to add neat designs to there sculptures.


Before the kids arrive, divide several cups of sand into small bowls using one bowl for each color. Mix powdered food coloring into the sand to color it. Provide each child with a clear plastic container and corded necklace available at many crafting stores. You could also use small empty baby food jars and a lid. Let the kids scoop out the sand and layer there container one color on top of the other. Make sure they gently tap the container on a hard surface to settle the sand and pack it tight. Fill the container completely full and add the lid on tightly. These are a fun take home craft the kids really like.


Use a short Childs fishing pole or make your own pole out of a stick and string. Tie a large swivel magnet on the end of the string. Laminate fish and add a magnet to each one. Spread the fish out on the ground and let each child take a turn fishing for the fish. For older kids, use a stop watch to see how many fish they can catch in one minute. You could give a live goldfish to the winner!


Party and crafting stores often have aluminum cake pans that are shaped like a treasure chest or Mermaid. I have decorated cakes using both of these themes and they are adorable! The treasure chest is especially fun for the kids because you can purchase chocolate shaped coins, plastic play money coins or use pre-washed real money to put in your treasure chest. Little girls also love to see colored dress-up beads, rings and jewels adorning the cake!


Fill a real fish tank with ice and stick soda's in it to chill the drinks and serve from or purchase a new gold fish bowl to use as the punchbowl.


Individual baggies, blue gelatin, candy gummy fish and gummy octopi can make a really fun treat that kids love to eat. Mix 2, 8 oz. packages of blue gelatin with 2 1/2 cups of boiling apple juice. Mix until completely dissolved and refrigerate until it is a soft set consistency. Add 1/2 cup of the mixture to each zip lock bag and add some candy fish to swim in the mixture.

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