Unique Fashion Jewelry Pins

Step by step information on how to make beautiful fashion jewelry pins from buttons. Low cost material put together to make a high class decorative item. This can be made for yourself or as a school or church project to sell at craft shows and bazaars.

Assorted small buttons in different colors and styles (You can buy these by the card or bag at craft and sewing shops)

glue gun and glue


heavy duty cardboard or oak tag

optional: Tiny fabric or silk flowers

optional: faux jewels or beads

A marker or pen

glue on pin back

A circle pattern*

*This can be a circle cooky cutter, a can cover, or trace the bottom of a glass. Size 2" to 3" in diameter.

Take a piece of cardboard. I like oak tag. Cut out the circle. Glue a pin back on with a dab of tacky glue. Let it dry. Turn it over. Choose your prettiest buttons. Starting with the center, work around in a circle adding different colors and styles. The pearl tone buttons are pretty, especially if they have delicate colors of pinks, blues, yellows.

Glue on a pin back. Use a glue gun to hold this firm. The hot glue gun holds the best but if you work with children, use the cool glue gun along with a dab of white glue. The cool glue gun doesn't stick as well but in combination with white glue, the pin back will be solid on the back.

Buttons come in all different shapes and sizes. The designs for children offer the most variety. There are cats, dogs, icecream cones, faces, elves, and other characters in children's buttons. Mixing colors also adds to the attraction of a button jewelry pin, though a monochrome is also interesting.

Don't worry if the buttons extend beyond your cardboard circle. This is OK and lends to the design. There will be spaces between the buttons. Fill this in with tiny silk flowers or faux jewel stones. Let your project dry thoroughly before wearing it. This also makes a lovely gift and yet is easiest enough for a child of 8 or 9 to do or a senior of 90.

As a group project this is a wonderful craft for Senior citizens, retirement communities, Scouts, church groups and crafters. You are only limited by your imagination. They make up quickly so you can plan on each person making several.

Suggestion: Pick a theme for your project. Instead of a circle cut out other shapes for holidays. Stars, Christmas stocking, turkey, Santa, Snowman, heart, basket for Easter, bunny, pumpkin.

Add feathers for the stylistic turkey, holly on green and red buttons for Christmas. Round white buttons make darling snowman. Add black seed bead eyes and a felt hat. You are only limited by your own creativity.

Tiny silk flowers, beads, faux jewels and even small feathers are perfect accessories to add to these button pins. With very young children you can change the project and make button animals to pin on their clothing.

These inexpensive and easy designs will be a hit at your craft show. Be prepared to take orders for your favorite fund raiser.

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