Unique Halloween Customs And Traditions

Halloween traditions and custms can be passed from generation to generation. They can make the season more fun, and even scary!

Halloween is the season for ghosts, goblins and spooky family traditions. By having family traditions that are repeated every year, children and adults look forward to the special treats of the season. Family Halloween traditions go a long way toward making the season a frightfully fun time of year. Here are some ideas that families can blend into their own Halloween traditions.

Frightful Family Photos

Each year, take individual photos of the children and adults in costume. Frame them in plain black frames or in festive Halloween frames. On October 1, display the frames on a wall or in another special place, such as a book shelf, or even the dining room table! The fun part of this tradition is that the collection grows larger each Halloween season. Be sure to write the year on the back of each photo.

Pumpkin Pick

Similar to an Easter Egg Hunt, a Pumpkin Pick consists of looking around for hidden miniature pumpkins (small gourds). Organize the neighbors for the hunt on Halloween, and supply large baskets to hold the findings. If weather permits, the hunt can be held in your backyard. If not, hide them throughout the house. Offer prizes, like small spider rings or miniature skeletons for the best Pumpkin Pickers!

At the end of the Pumpkin Pick, hold a traditional Halloween meal for the group prior to Trick or Treating. Menu suggestions include Witch's Brew Stew (beef stew), Don't Be Chicken (this could be hamburgers!), Halloweeners (hot dogs), Roast Beast (roast beef), or Spaghosty with eyeballs (spaghetti with meatballs.

Mr. Pumpkin Head

Add a new family member to your home during the month of October. Mr. Pumpkin Head can sit in the hallway and greet guests, or you can move him around the house each day. To make Mr. Pumpkin Head, you will need:

- A pair of blue jeans

- A flannel shirt

- A fake pumpkin head (resin or foam)

- cowboy or other boots

- Gloves

- Newspaper

- A stool

Crumble the newspaper and stuff it into the blue jeans. "Sit" the blue jeans on the stool and place bottom of jeans into boots so that the boots rest on the floor. Stuff the shirt, including the arms and tuck it into the jeans. Put the gloves at the cuffs of the shirt. Place the pumpkin head on top. Each year, let a different family member choose a name for Mr. Pumpkin.

Halloween Kids Korner

In school, children make a number of scary Halloween decorations. It is fun (and spooky) to add these to your home Halloween decor. Be sure and date each scary masterpiece (and make sure the child's name is on it) and place in a special area of the home. You can call that area "Spook Central" or "Janie's Jitters" or another name that incorporates your child's name. Decorate the area with spider webs to help set the spooky Halloween mood.

Fruit of the Goon

Halloween is known for candy, lots of it. Make it a healthier season by serving a different fruit each night during the week prior to Halloween. Call it "Fruit of the Goon" to make it special. You can play a game each night where you decide what spooky creature each piece of fruit looks like. Do grapes look like eyeballs? Do apple wedges look like spooky smiles?

Halloween is for families, and having family traditions that are repeated each year make the holiday more frightfully fun!

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