Unique Photo Arrangements For Your Walls

If you're looking for a unique way to arrange photos in the rooms of your home, here are some creative ideas that will make your walls stand out.

Most people have hundreds of family pictures, and nowhere to put them, since all the photo albums are running out of space. And then there's always the portrait or print that you saw in the furniture store or art gallery that you just had to have--and now it's sitting in the garage, waiting to come in once you 'find a place for it.' If you're undecided on how to arrange photos or artwork to accent every room in your home, or if you're running out of space or ideas, here are some suggestions that may help.

First, you may have to give the room you want to display certain photos in a little makeover itself before adding the pictures. For instance, if you have black and white prints or photos, or artwork from a specific time period, designing the rest of the room to reflect the mood of the photos will give you a more complete design. So, most of the furniture in the room could be black and white (with splashes of color here and there if you prefer) or you can add any antique furniture you may have to the room. The same is true of prints or portraits. If you have artwork that is from a particular ethnic group or country, having other furniture in the room that reflects that culture is a great way to make your room look both more creative and organized.

If you want to display a print or photo in a room where the walls are painted, keep in mind that the print does not have to be the exact same color as the wall. For example, if your walls are painted red, and you have a print with other bold colors, such as orange or blue, the wall color and picture could work well with one another. Depending on how large the print is, you could use it as the primary photo for the room.

Next, think about how you want the actual photo to be displayed. Do you want the photo in a standard frame, hanging on the wall, leaning against the wall, or inserted into the glass of a table or desktop? If you choose to frame your pictures, selecting frames that match the existing color scheme of the room is ideal. If you're hanging your portraits, using dark wood frames adds a warm feel to the room, especially if there is dim lighting, and gold or silver frames can make any picture look much more elegant. Other creative ways to arrange your photos could include laminating your pictures and shaping them to form a lamppost, or creating a photo quilt to hang on the wall or drape over a chair or sofa.

The lighting in the room makes a big difference in how your photos will look on the walls,too. When you're selecting lighting for your photos, think about the mood or theme you already have set for the room, and whether or not you want new photos or prints in the room to change or enhance this. For instance, if the room you're adding photos to is already dimly lit, or has a number or windows, keep this in mind when selecting photos to decorate the room. Prints and photographs with plants or flowers accent rooms with natural lighting well; romantic-themed pictures or still-life photos look best in rooms with lamps or individual lights for the photos themselves, depending on the size of the picture.

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