Unique Uses For Common Household Products: Club Soda

This article discusses some uses for club soda, other than for mixing with alcohol.

We see it on store shelves, right next to the seltzer water and tonic mixers. It's club soda. It's salty, sort of, and tastes a little strange, but it has a lot of uses, only a few of which include mixing with liquor for alcoholic drinks. It's actually a strangely useful substance.

First, club soda is wonderful for cleaning stains from fabric. It is colorless, and so doesn't stain fabric. It is a sovereign remedy for red wine stains. Simply apply the club soda with a cloth or drizzle it on with a spoon, blot, and the stain will often disappear without even rinsing!

Are your pancakes sad in the middle, heavy, doughy? Is your fried chicken batter greasy and heavy? Try club soda instead of plain water! Adding a little club soda to pancake or waffle batter, fried chicken batter, fish batter, doughnut batter, anything to be fried, will help lighten up the mixture and keep it from being so heavy and/or greasy. Substitute the club soda for a like amount of water, or if milk is the main liquid, for about one-fourth of the milk. Some people use beer in their chicken or fish batter. Club soda produces similar results, and is cheaper. It's a great addition.

Club soda not only removes stains from fabric, but also from coffee mugs and silver! It will not react with the metal and soaking the items for several minutes in club soda will produce a sparkling result.

Some gardeners feel that the minerals inherent in club soda are beneficial for plants. Therefore, they recommend an occasional watering with club soda for green, healthy plants. They are agreed that the occasional watering with club soda will not harm the plants.

Club soda will also clean dentures, if the usual preparations are not available, as well as chrome and porcelain fixtures. Wiping bath and kitchen fixtures down with club soda will make them shine.

Do you have fingerprints on your windshield? Junior smeared his little paws across it after eating a large order of fries? Club soda to the rescue! Spray it on from a spray bottle, allow to sit for a couple of minutes and wipe clean! Works for the outside of the windshield, as well.

If you don't have an antacid in the house, but have club soda, you have a good substitute remedy for your heartburn or an upset stomach.

Another unusual use for club soda is loosening rusty nuts and bolts. When the commercial stuff isn't around, pour club soda over the rusty hardware and allow it to soak. The rust should break down, allowing the bolt or nut to turn.

In the summer, blondes often use many commercial shampoos formulated to prevent their hair turning green from exposure to the chlorine in swimming pools. Believe it or not, club soda will take care of this problem, as well. A blonde with chlorine-affected hair can usually take the green out by rinsing the hair with a bottle of club soda.

Club soda can also be used with fruit juices to create non-alcoholic spritzers, or frozen into ice cubes to add for the same results.

In short, club soda is a useful, versatile liquid that is inexpensive and available everywhere. Every household should have a couple of bottles.

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