Unique Uses For Common Household Products: Sidewalk Chalk

From the kitchen to the bedroom and even outdoors in unexpected places. Ideas on children's sidewalk chalk.

Sidewalk chalk is not just for kids' playtime anymore. It has a variety of household uses as well as unexpected ideas and chances are if you have kids you'll have a few pieces somewhere around the house.

When it comes to help around the house sidewalk chalk has found it's own use in our daily and not so daily tasks. The kitchen, laundry room, dining room and bedroom are just a few places the chalk can be put to use in.

In the kitchen, a common household problem almost all of us has had at one time or another is ants. Those pesky little critters love to raid our kitchen and leave us frustrated until we're ready to either run to the store and buy some kind of expensive smelly pesticide to take care of the job or simply just give up. A piece of sidewalk chalk can easily suffice where others cannot.

To prevent ants from ever coming inside of your house, draw a line around ant hills with sidewalk chalk and around your windowsills, and doorways. Ants have been said to never cross a chalk line.

In the laundry room sidewalk chalk can be used as a laundry aide for clothing. If you have ring around the collar or a grease stain simply rub white sidewalk chalk into the stain and let it sit then before laundering remove the chalk and run through your usual washing. The chalk dust will absorb the oils caused from the stain.

In the dining room and bedroom sidewalk chalk can be used to care for your silver. Using cheesecloth, wrap a piece of white sidewalk chalk in the cloth and store it in your sliver drawer and jewelry box or wherever you keep your silver pieces.

The chalk will keep prevent your silver pieces and jewelry from tarnishing by absorbing access moisture that causes the tarnish process. While you're at it you can also place the cheesecloth wrapped chalk in your drawers and cabinets to keep them from smelling musty and getting damp.

In your sewing room, use sidewalk chalk to trace a pattern on your project. The chalk is easy to see and you can simply swipe away the lines when you're done. Around the house you can use sidewalk chalk on a door that is sticking by rubbing the chalk on the edges of the door and shutting it. When you open the door where the chalk is missing is where your door sticks and should be sanded down.

Outside of the house in the shed sidewalk chalk can also be useful. If you've ever found your tools to be rusting or pitted then you're not alone. By placing a few pieces of sidewalk chalk in each of your toolbox compartments, the next time your tools will be rust-free since the chalk will absorb the moisture causing the rust.

So whether you are looking for a cheap and easy alternative or simply a healthier environmental way, sidewalk chalk is a great option for almost every area of your house both inside and out.

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