Unique Uses For Common Household Products: Tennis Balls

Do you think tennis balls are simply for playing tennis? Think again! Here are some other unique household uses.

Originally they were green. Then yellow entered the field. Now a plethora of neon colors are available right along with traditional yellow and green. No, it's not a New Age artist's palette in question. And it's not a take off on a rainbow. It's the selection of tennis balls available in department and sporting goods stores. They've come a long way throughout the years. As they've evolved, so have their uses. Are you confused? You won't be after reading these helpful tips. Tennis balls aren't just for tennis any more. In fact there are several alternative uses for these handy little items.

First and foremost, tennis balls must be listed as useful for tennis. That's a given. But don't limit the exercise options to knocking these balls from one side of a court to the next with a raquet. In fact, tennis balls are widely used in the realm of exercise.

1. Toss a tennis ball. You're not as likely to break a nail or injure your hand if you play catch with a tennis ball, as opposed to a softball or baseball.

2. Dog's love tennis balls. Get some exercise for both you and your pooch by tossing tennis balls in the back yard or at the dog park. Do remember, however, that if your dog chews a tennis ball to only allow this to happen in your presence. Sometimes the insides of cheaper brands of tennis balls are filled with material that might cause your dog to choke.

3. Tennis balls are excellent for building muscles. If you want to tone your biceps, squeeze on tennis balls. Ten repetitions of twelve squeezes per hand, once per day, should result in good toning.

Tennis balls have even wound their way into the physical therapy arena. Folks with fallen arches are often prescribed a treatment of rolling a tennis ball under their foot several times a day. Patients recovering from carpal tunnel surgery use tennis balls to speed the healing in their wrists. And a few tennis balls in a pillow case make a fairly decent alternative to a massage. Tie the pillow case shut and evenly distribute the balls inside. Place the pillowcase and balls on your bed or other soft surface. Ease yourself down onto the balls, back side down, and move gently from side to side. It feels wonderful!

Tennis balls are handy when doing laundry. If you've ever washed a comforter in your own washing machine and endured lumpy results, a tennis ball would have come in very handy. Toss a tennis ball or two into the dryer with a comforter or other article that is stuffed with polyester filling. It will "fluff" the comforter and help to more evenly distribute the filling.

Tennis balls have preserved many a fine refinished wood floor. Slit the tennis balls, just enough to insert the legs of your chairs. Slip the balls over the bottoms of the chair legs. Now they will slide easily--and quietly--from underneath the table, without scratching your lovely wood floors.

Tennis balls are helpful in a similar manner for senior citizens. Anyone using a walker can benefit from slitting the tennis balls--as with the kitchen chairs--and fitting them over two legs of the walker. Not only will this avoid marring the flooring, it will also ease the sometimes "jerky" motion that comes when a patient first learns to use a walker.

So you see, tennis balls are for more than tennis. A bit of creative contemplation can undoubtedly turn up a dozen or more additional uses.

A helpful hint: When using tennis balls for these above mentioned purposes, don't buy expensive tennis balls in a sporting goods store. Visit your local department store--or even the dollar store--for very inexpensive alternatives. They'll do just as good a job at a fraction of the cost.

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