About Unique Valentine's Day Flowers

By Megan Smith

  • Overview

    About Unique Valentine's Day Flowers
    Bouquets for Valentine's Day used to be pretty standard: Red and pink roses or carnations with some baby's breath and maybe a few leaves. These days, flower arrangements have become a little bit more daring. You could give your loved one a bouquet of plain flowers, or you could go wild and give them a bouquet of fruit, chocolate, paper or candy. If you'd rather stick to the floral standby, there are plenty of options your loved one is guaranteed to have not seen before. Try a few of these unique Valentine's Day bouquet ideas.
  • History

    Several early martyrs in Christianity were named "Valentine," and it is unclear which one in particular the holiday was named after. Until 1969, the Christian church allowed 11 Valentine's Days to exist. The Valentine's Day Americans are most familiar with, Feb. 14, was named after both Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni. In the Catholic Encyclopedia, another Valentine is referred to on Feb. 14, who was martyred in Africa. This, however, is the only information available about him, so he is not spoken about as much as Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni.
  • Significance

    A Valentine's Day flower arrangement is generally a well-designed combination of flowers and other plants used to decorate the home or presented to a loved one as a token of love and appreciation. Bridal bouquets were the first known bouquets, with flower arrangements for other holidays and occasions coming several years after. Bouquets can represent different meanings depending on the flowers placed in the bouquet. For example, a bouquet of carnations represents love and devotion, and a bouquet of roses represents joy, love and beauty.
  • Identification

    More unique flower arrangements have come into the forefront in the past decade, including arrangements of flowers like chrysanthemums, gerbera daisies, lily of the valley, tulips, orchids and delphinium. Flowers can be dyed unnatural colors for a more interesting-looking bouquet. Small topiaries or bonsai have been seen in the past few years in place of cut flower bouquets. This way, the recipient can keep the gift for a long time. Planted flowers in place of cut flowers are also recommended for a unique Valentine's Day gift.
  • Variations

    Valentine's bouquets now come arranged with a variety of materials, including chocolate, candy, fruit and even edible flowers. Edible Arrangements is a national company that will deliver a bouquet of carved fruit arranged like flowers in various sizes. Candy Florist makes edible candy flower arrangements just in time for Valentine's Day, and Flowers to Eat uses all kinds of edible materials to create unique flower arrangements.
  • Warning

    Do not ship perishables across the country on your own. If you are going to order an edible flower display for a loved one, order directly from the website and have it shipped professionally to her home or office. This way, the food can remain sanitary and tamper-free until it arrives for your loved one. If your loved one has a peanut allergy, you will want to stick to traditional flower arrangements this Valentine's Day, unless you specifically ask the company if it uses nuts in the vicinity.
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