Unusual Mailbox Decorating Ideas

You don't have to go on using the same old boring mailbox. Use one of these decorating tips to bring a smile to the mailman's face.

Give your mailman a break and maybe even a smile when you use some of these decorating techniques for your humdrum mailbox. You can express yourself and your interests by decorating the mailbox in a way that says something about yourself or your family. If you love horses, for instance, attach a child's saddle to the top of the mailbox. If the saddle is real make sure that the pole which holds the mailbox is sturdy enough to take the extra weight. For a real or play saddle wire it in place underneath the mailbox.

Are you a NASCAR fan? Get a model replica of your favorite driver's car to affix to the top of the mailbox. You can further decorate by using stickers with the NASCAR logo. Place a large number sticker to represent the number of the car of your favorite driver on the door of the box.

Maybe plants are your thing. Choose a shallow, rectangular planter box to attach to the top of the mailbox. Place flowers or greenery in small clay pots and place them in the planter. Glue small silk flowers on in random places on the mailbox for further decorating.

If you live on a farm consider placing a John Deere replica on top of the mailbox. Wire it on well to keep it in place and to prevent easy theft. Beside the tractor you can place small plastic or ceramic cow, sheep, pigs and chickens. Paint the door of the mailbox to resemble the door of a barn. Or just do something really simple with the box like paint it brown and attach a white horse shoe to the door of the box.

Greet the mailman with birds and butterflies. Paint flowers and vines on the mailbox then align birds on top of the mailbox. Place small craft butterflies at various places on the sides and door of the box.

Maybe your interest is in trains. Glue a piece or two of track on the box then position the train. Glue it onto the track. Paint the mailbox red or paint trees and other landscapes. Use small craft trees along the sides of the train, if there's enough room.

Paint your mailbox with red and black checks then glue on checkers. Stack two checkers on top of one another in some places.

Paint the mailbox red, white and blue then attach a ceramic eagle on top. You can even make a flag sticker for the door of the box.

Ceramic figurines come in all sorts of styles. Set a ceramic deer family on top of the box or just a big, black bear.

Attach a small birdhouse to the top of the mailbox and place small ceramic birds on top or to the side of it.

If you live near a beach how about decorating your mailbox with a sea scene? Glue craft or real starfish to the side along with seashells and netting pieces. Paint a lighthouse on the door of the mailbox with blue ocean beneath.

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