Unusual Uses For Corn And Vegetable Oil

Vegetable and corn oil aren't just for cooking anymore. Try some of these handy tips.

Corn oil and vegetable oil are common staples in our kitchen pantries. We use them for cooking but did you know that they could be used for many other things as well? Here are some unusual things you can use corn or vegetable oil for around the house.

Have you ever had a hot oil treatment done on your hair? You can buy these treatments at your local grocery store or have one done at the salon but you can do it for next to nothing at home. Just take a half a cup of vegetable or corn oil and place it in a microwave safe bowl. Heat the bowl in the microwave for about 15 seconds or until the oil is warm but not hot to the touch. Massage the oil into your dry hair and scalp until it is completely saturated. Place a warm wet towel or a shower cap on your head and leave it sit for fifteen to thirty minutes. Shampoo your hair repeatedly to remove the oil. Your hair will be silky soft!

Corn and vegetable oil are excellent wood conditioners. If you have butcher-block tables, cutting boards, wooden spoons, or unfinished furniture you can condition them using regular cooking oil. Just rub the oil into the wood with a soft cloth and reapply as necessary to keep your wood nourished. Unfinished wood can dry out quickly in the winter from the heat but the oil will keep it moist.

Make your own furniture polish with vegetable or corn oil. Just add a half a cup of vinegar or lemon juice to a cup of oil and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray your furniture polish onto your wood and rub it off with a dust cloth. Try your polish on kitchen cabinet doors and wooden doors around the house too.

If you have water or heat marks on your wood furniture you may be able to make them disappear with vegetable or corn oil. Just soak a cloth in oil and sprinkle on some ashes from a cigarette. (Ask your local bar if you don't smoke.) Rub the ashes and oil onto the stain and watch it vanish.

You can make your own massage oil using corn or vegetable oil. Just put your oil into a travel shampoo container and mix in a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Give someone an aromatic massage!

If you are an artist or you have just finished painting your house with an oil-based paint you would normally need to use a paint thinner to get the paint from your skin. A bit of vegetable or corn oil rubbed onto the paint will help remove it.

Vegetable and corn oil can be used to shine stainless steel. Rub the oil onto your stainless steel sinks or appliances and buff off with a soft cloth and your steel will look brand new.

If you want to remove stickers from your furniture, windows, or floors just rub on a bit of oil. When the sticker is saturated it will come up easily.

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