Unusual Uses For Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets can do many things around the house from repelling pests to cleaning up.

In the old days when we hung our clothes out on the line to dry we never had to worry about static cling and the rain was the only fabric softener we ever needed. These days we need clothes dryers to help us because we just don't have time for standing outside at the clothesline. The only problem with clothes dryers is that they produce rough fabric and static cling. It's a good thing someone decided to invent dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are a great enhancement to any load of laundry. Dryer sheets eliminate static cling, soften your clothes, and add a lovely scent. There are lots of things you can use dryer sheets for around the house and you can even recycle and use the used ones too!

Your dryer sheets make excellent sachets for your clothing drawers and all you have to do is pop one in to keep your clothes smelling fresh. Just replace the sheet when the scent wears away. You can also put dryer sheets into the bottoms of your trashcans and inside your toilet paper rolls for an easy air freshener in the smelliest of places. Try a dryer sheet in the car too for an inexpensive deodorizer that works just as well as a pine tree on a string. Put dryer sheets inside your shoes at night and toss one in the laundry basket to eliminate odors.

If mosquitoes plague you in the summer then a dryer sheet is your friend. Just take a new dryer sheet and rub it all over your exposed skin. The mosquitoes do not like the smell or the texture that the softener gives your skin and they will stay away.

Keep the dust from settling on your television and computer screen by dusting them with a dryer sheet. The sheet will pick up and hold dust easily and the anti-static action will keep your screen clear longer. You can use used dryer sheets as dust cloths all around the house. Dryer sheets are great for dusting knick-knacks. Keep a used dryer sheet in the car to dust off your dashboard.

Used dryer sheets are great for cleaning too! You can clean soap scum from surfaces in your bathroom easily with a used dryer sheet. Used dryer sheets are also great for removing bugs that are stuck to your car's windshield. Try used dryer sheets for shining up your eyeglasses too.

Mice and ants hate the smell of dryer sheets. Keep a dryer sheet inside any box or container in your attic or basement that you want to keep mice away from. Try tucking a few dryer sheets around cracks or small openings around the house where mice or ants may try to sneak in. Dryer sheets will keep flies away too. Hang a few dryer sheets near frequently opened doors and you will have less flies sneaking into the house. Try some dryer sheets around your outdoor garbage cans to prevent maggots.

Have you ever sent your child off to school in the winter with hair sticking straight up out of his poor little head? You can eliminate static electricity hair-dos in the winter by wiping a dryer sheet over your child's hair before they go to school. Works on adults too!

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