Unusual Uses For Vodka

How to use vodka in a wide variety of common household tasks and to sooth small injuries.

Vodka is a popular ingredient in many different varieties of mixed drinks and a staple of any liquor cabinet. Though you might not want to part with your vodka to perform household tasks there are many things that vodka can do that you never would have expected.

With all of the medicinal purposes that vodka can be used for we might do well to keep a bottle in the medicine cabinet. Vodka can remove the harmful oil that is left on your skin when you are exposed to poison ivy. Wash all exposed areas of skin with vodka after being outdoors to prevent a poison ivy rash. If you are swimming in the ocean and get stung by a jellyfish just pour some vodka on the sting and it will sterilize it and help the pain to go away. Vodka can also help dry out cold sores. Just apply a bit of vodka to your cold sore a few times a day. You can also use vodka as a facial cleanser. The vodka will act as an astringent removing oil and tightening pores. To keep your razor blade clean and free of rust you can put it in a cup of vodka after every shave. To soothe a sore throat add vodka to a bit of warm water and gargle. Vodka will also help a toothache much like expensive products such as Ambesol. If you want to remove a bandage without hurting the skin try soaking it in a bit of vodka and it will come right off!

Vodka can make your regular shampoo more effective. Just add a shot of vodka to every bottle of shampoo and it will help prevent build-up and remove old residue from your hair. Your scalp will be extra clean too! You can also make your own perfume with vodka. Just mix twenty to thirty drops of the essential oil of your choice into a bottle with an ounce of vodka. Let the mixture sit sealed for several weeks and your perfume is ready.

Vodka is also a great cleaning agent. Nothing can make your glass and chrome bathroom fixtures shine like a polish with some vodka. While you are cleaning with vodka in the bathroom try it on your mirrors. Vodka is great for removing hairspray from ceramic tiles and mirrors. Vodka is also an excellent cleaner for chandeliers. Just mix one part of vodka with five parts of water and spray it on your chandelier. Let the excess drip onto a towel on the floor below. Vodka can remove grass stains from your clothing if you rub it on the stain before laundering. Use vodka to clean and disinfect your eyeglasses. If you don't want to spend money on jewelry cleaner you can pour some vodka in a cup and add your jewelry for a brilliant shine.

Even the most inexpensive vodka will work with these tips and there is some cheap vodka out there. If you have any left over just pull up a martini glass and add a few olives!

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