Update Your Skirts

Updating your skirts doesn't always require a master seamstress. Tips to update your skirts quickly and easily, even without sewing.

The trends in fashion change at such a quick pace, who has time to keep up?Never mind the fact that it would cost you a fortune to buy new skirts very single time that a fad changed. So go and find your sewing kit, as I will be giving you a few tips on updating your skirts quickly and easily.

First rule of thumb: Don't cut any length off of full length skirts. Full length skirts are a staple of your wardrobe which you can update with just a few simple stitches, even if you don't know how to sew.

A full length solid tapered skirt can be easily updated with one word: Fringe.Head out to your local fabric shop or discount department store and get yourself a few yards of a solid color fringe.You will want a solid color because both patterned and multi-colored fringe goes in and out of style faster than the wind blows.With a long, denim or black tapered skirt, simply attach a single row of solid colored fringe to the bottom (inside) of your skirt.If you have side pockets on your skirt, you can also attach a row of fringe on the outside of the pocket's top.This is also a great idea for other length skirts as well.

If you can't use a needle and thread, try ironing the fringe on with a little help from some hemming tape.Hemming tape works wonders and is usually machine washable, so you know it will hold up well.This iron on tape adhesive is easily removable, so if you decide to take the fringe off in six months, it won't even be an issue.

Buttons are another great quick update for your skirts.A single column running down one side of your skirt at its seam can dress it up immensely.

Different ideas include:

-Different size round buttons, but allthe same color

-Alternating square and round buttons of the same color

- Alternating two different color buttons of the same size

-Alternating same color round buttons with rhinestone buttons

Use your imagination and you will definitely be surprised by the outcome.

How about assign a bit of color to a denim skirt?Fabric paint is one of the easiest paints that you can work with as they are now available in pen form.You don't have to be an artist to paint (or draw) a single line of pink glitter down each seam, pockets and belt loops.Paint as much or as little as you wish, it's up to you.While you have the fabric paint out, why not add a little splash of color to your old denim jacket or boring white, cotton blouse?A little fabric paint can go a long way in completing an old and new coordinating outfit.

Whatever you decide to do to update your skirts, be sure to practice on a different material than the skirt that you will be working on.You don't want to ruin your skirts, you just want to bring them a little bit up to date.

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