About Urbane Scrubs Pants

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  • Overview

    About Urbane Scrubs Pants
    Urbane Scrubs is a clothing company specializing in trendy and stylish scrubs for nurses and medical professionals. The company was founded by two nurses after they grew sick and tired of wearing unflattering scrubs to work every day. Urbane Scrubs have become very popular with nurses who are looking for trendy, but comfortable work clothing. The company offers a number of different styles and colors for their scrub pants.
  • Styles

    Urbane Scrubs offers a number of different pant styles to fit every personality and body type. For pants with solid colors and no side seam, Urbane Scrubs makes boot cut drawstring pants and flare-leg cargo pants. Their popular "Work It" pants have a side seam with an elastic waist and back pocket. They also offer a number of styles with contrast piping down the side of the leg. For those who prefer a more fitted look, they offer a tailored style with pockets and a zipper to replace the traditional drawstring closure.
  • Colors

    You cannot go wrong with the color options--it would be almost impossible to not find your favorite color. Their popular bootcut scrub pants come in 39 colors, including various shades of blue, green, pink, purple and orange. The contrast-trim pants also come in fun color combinations, like red/black and navy/pink, and their tailored pant styles come in grey and purple. It is recommended that you wash the brightly-colored Urbane Scrubs pants separately from your other clothing because the colors may run, especially the first time they are washed. Also, the colors of these pants may fade after repeated washing. You can prevent this from happening by washing your Urbane Scrubs pants inside out and using cold water and a color-safe detergent.

  • Sizing & Pricing

    The majority of Urbane Scrubs pants come in three inseam sizes: petite, regular and tall. Their pant sizes range from extra small to double extra-large. They have a size chart to help you determine your fit before you purchase. According to buyer reviews on pcscrubs.com, Urbane Scrubs pants have a tendency to run large, especially for petite nurses, so keep that in mind if you order online. Luckily for nurses on a budget, Urbane Scrubs pants are very affordable. Their most expensive scrub pants cost $29.95, while the majority of their pant styles range from $18 to $22.
  • Materials

    Urbane Scrubs pants are made from a polyester-cotton blend, and the majority of their pants are 65% polyester and 35% cotton. According to buyer reviews on pcscrubs.com, Urbane Scrubs pants have a tendency to shrink slightly in the wash, so it is best to dry clean or air dry these scrubs. Buyers describe the pant material as exceptionally soft and comfortable, and report that the material is thick enough that dark underwear will not show through even the lighter-colored scrubs. The material also does not wrinkle easily, so you don't have to worry about pulling out the iron each morning.
  • Other Products & Where to Buy

    In addition to their popular pants, Urbane Scrubs also offers coordinating scrub tops and a new line of clog footwear called Urbane Impulse. The clogs come in 11 different colors, so they coordinate well with the Urbane Scrubs pants. Urbane Scrubs does not sell their clothing directly from their website, but they are offered at a number of retailers. You can find them online at stores like www.pcscrubs.com.
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