Uricinex Benefits

By Dana George

  • Overview

    If you've ever suffered from gout, you've most likely run across the name Uricinex. It's an all-natural supplement that purportedly treats the symptoms of this condition. While the makers will tell you that their product is guaranteed to work, you're probably wondering if there is any truth to their claims.
  • Identification

    Uricinex is an all-natural supplement that you can take without a prescription to balance out your uric acid level, which is basically the waste produced during the breakdown of food, and treat your symptoms of gout, which is one of the health issues stemming from a high uric-acid level in the blood, according to the Mayo Clinic. Like many supplements on the market today, it is made of a proprietary blend of herbs and extracts, each touted as a natural "remedy" for optimal health. Uricinex is just one of many that claim to be "blood fortifiers."
  • Ingredients

    There are four main ingredients in the formula of Uricinex that are important to how this product works to fortify the blood and help with the pain associated with gout. Silymarin, which is found in milk thistle, is believed to strengthen both the liver and the kidney. Since the liver creates the uric acid and the kidneys normally remove the uric acid from the blood, their health would be essential to a balanced uric-acid level. Yucca schidigora is a natural pain reliever that would treat any pain you may suffer. Cynara scolymus is an herb that basically works on the health of your digestive system. And turmeric is considered an anti-inflammatory, which would again help with any pain related to gout.

  • Benefits

    The makers of Uricinex claim that the product "purifies the blood" while healing your organs and tissue by working at the molecular level. If you're unsure of what this actually means, you are not alone. What they do tell you is that the formula flushes out excess uric acid from your system. Once removed, the potential for buildup in the joints has lessened, which in turn will reduce pain and stop gout from recurring.
  • Considerations

    The only real problem with Uricinex is that studies are fairly limited on its actual efficacy and potential side effects. According to MicroNutra Health, the makers of Uricinex, a clinical trial did demonstrate that almost 95 percent of the people involved in the study reported that their pain was completely gone. However, this trial was isolated to 36 people over a period of 30 days, making the finding somewhat debatable.
  • Significance

    This doesn't mean that Uricinex won't work for you, and many other natural approaches to medicine have treated countless conditions and illnesses. It's advisable to consult your doctor before taking any supplement, as sometimes herbs found in many dietary formulas can interact adversely with certain medications. Since every person will react differently to almost any substance, the interaction could include a medication you may be currently be taking to treat gout.
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