Use Association To Break Bad Habits

Learn how to break bad habits with association. Use emotions to eliminate smoking, stop procrastinating, sleeping in late, or anything else you want to quit.

We all have habits we would like to get rid of. These habits might be smoking, using foul language, procrastinating, sleeping in late, or a number of other possibilities. These habits are created because we associate good feelings with them. To eliminate bad habits, positive emotions must be replaced with negative emotions and linked to the habit one wishes to break.

Let's take smoking as an example. We all know about the toll smoking takes on our health, the effects on health of others through second-hand smoke, and the cost to our pocket-books. The primary reason most people can't seem to quit, is due to the positive emotions one associates with smoking. The task is to make smoking seem as undesirable and disgusting as possible to eliminate positive emotions linked to smoking.

First, vividly recall the worst times of your life, and feel how strongly you felt at these times. Recreate these thoughts and emotions until you feel like you are actually reliving them.

Second, blow these images and feelings entirely out of proportion. Make them seem much worse than they actually were.

Third, imagine yourself smoking while continuing to experience these overwhelmingly negative emotions. Picture yourself in the near future with all of the negative effects of smoking; poor health, cancer and doctor bills, decreased attractiveness, and causing others to get sick. Now imagine how good you will feel once you quit smoking. You'll be healthier, save money, and look better. Blow these images and emotions entirely out of proportion.

Follow these steps daily, once in the morning upon arising, and once at night before going to bed. Do this until positive emotions associated with the bad habit have been completely replaced with strong, negative ones. If persistently followed, you will break the habit and feel great about it.

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