How To Use A Bottle Warmer

A mother needs to find things to cut time and owning a bottle warmer is one but you must know how to use it first.

When you become a mother, things in life become a little more difficult. You no longer have to option of long hours of time to yourself. It takes time to learn the little tricks in order to save yourself the time taking care of your baby. In the eyes of a new mother, the receipt of a bottle warmer can be considered a godsend. This is a very easy and practical way of warming your babies bottle but there are things you should know about the bottle warmer before attempting to use it.

Most people either choose whether or not to warm their babies' bottles depending on how their babies prefer it. When you are warming a bottle it is recommended that you not use a microwave to warm your baby's bottle because it breaks down nutrients your baby needs and also can caught pockets of hot formula. Even though it is a good idea to put the bottle in a pan and warm it, it is time consuming to wait for the bottle to warm up enough for your baby.

When you decide to register for a baby shower or go shopping for things for the baby the best thing you can consider is a bottle warmer. There are several types of bottle warmers available and each one of them requires a different way using them. There is the home bottle warmer, which plugs into the wall and requires water to get the bottle to the right temperature. There is also the travel bottle warmer, which only requires you to plug it into your car's cigarette lighter to warm it up. There is also the travel on the go type of bottle warmer but it is not as practical because you can only use it once while you are out before having to boil the insert to use it again.

In order to use the home bottle warmer you must read the directions thoroughly before using. After you read the directions, fill the warmer to precisely the amount of water it is supposed to warm. Sometimes when you warm up the bottle according to the directions, it doesn't always work. Most times if you add just the right amount for as many ounces you have in the bottle it doesn't warm up correctly but that all depends on if you had it in the refrigerator beforehand. If you add too much water on the other hand you may end up with a bottle that is way too hot for feeding at that moment. Another thing to remember is when you are warming up the bottle; remove the top of the bottle to prevent trapped gas. This gas can cause the babies to have gas themselves.

It is a common rule to check the temperature of the bottle on either your wrist or at the bend of your arm. These are the most sensitive places of your skin so you will be able to tell correctly if the bottle is the right temperature. If the bottle happens to be too warm, either occupy the baby with your attention while you wait for the bottle to cool down or pop it into the refrigerator or freezer for about 5 minutes. Check the bottle after 5 minutes because you don't want to risk making the bottle too cold and having to warm it up all over again, which can result in a very impatient baby. The manufacturers of most bottle warmers recommend that if you are unable to get the bottle at the right temperature to wait 10 minutes before using it again.

If your bottle warmer doesn't seem to be doing its job no matter how much water you add, you may have to clean it. When you clean it unplug it first and then either wet a paper towel or washcloth or wipe out the bottom of the warming pad. Also be sure to clean the bottle holder that comes with the warmer. This could prevent your bottle from warming up properly if it is full with gunk.

The travel car bottle warmer is a very convenient way of warming up bottles while you are out and about but they do take a little bit of time to ready the bottle. If you purchase a travel warmer you have several options such as one that has a heating strip attached to the device. This allows you to travel and warm your baby's bottle without having to use water. When you are approaching a feeding, make sure you warm the bottle up before the baby starts crying. It is safe to say that if you took about 15 to 20 minutes to have the bottle warm; it will make a very happy baby and happy mom.

Bottle warmers are a convenient modern day invention that makes being a mom just a little bit easier and makes meal times more pleasant for both you and your baby. Before purchasing or registering for a bottle warmer, look at the box to determine just how convenient it is and then read the directions when you receive it. No matter what kind of bottle warmer you decide on, each of them works in a different manor and you should pick the one that is most convenient for you.

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