How To Use Candles Effectively In Feng Shui

Light up your Feng Shui practice - use candles to enhance the areas of Fame/Reputation, Wealth and Relationship.

Light is a beacon for balancing darkness. Both light and dark are essential in our lives. Recognizing the existence of each is part of the practice of Feng Shui. Every area of the home requires an equal balance of both during the course of a day.

Feng Shui supports the use of light in many forms the most powerful of which is natural light. Nothing can compare to the strength and purity of the light of the sun. Keeping your windows and skylights clean and your sheers, blinds, shutters and drapes clean (Don't remove them but make sure you have a way to pull them back in a purposeful manner and that they are kept clean and in good working condition. Use them to adjust the light in the room to appropriate levels.) During the day is important to reaping the benefit of natural light.


So what happens to areas in the home that have no access to natural light and sit in darkness during the daylight hours? Or homes that have minimal window surface, oddly placed windows, or that reside in areas that have shorter amounts of daylight to warm them or are situated on the land with north facing windows in prominent areas of the Feng Shui floor plan? These would all be considered homes that fall into darkness or that are unbalanced in the area of light and dark.

Homes with unbalanced light need an artificial or alternative source to draw light from. The use of table lamps, overhead lighting, floor lamps, neon lighting, and mirrors to bounce light into far corners are all ways to bring light into a space. Your goal of course is to keep the light evenly distributed throughout the space.


One alternative source of light that is often overlooked is the use of candles. Candles bring with them the need for caution and alertness as they can be misused and cause injury and fire along with the possibility of harming yourself or someone else in the process of their misuse.

Candles usually light the immediate area around them very well but can highlight that area and leave the rest of the room in darkness. Here are some guidelines for using candles as part of your Feng Shui practice:

1. Keep the light level even by using groups of candles or combining them with other light sources. The idea is to balance the light in the room so adjust the light levels as the day progresses.

2. Keep candles cleaned up and wicks trimmed. It is easy to overlook the dripping and melting of candles. Keeping candles in containers can help to alleviate the need to cut them back and keep them trimmed up. If you are not getting a strong flame from the candle it is probably time to replace it with a new one. Flickering or smoking flames are not good Feng Shui.

3. Check the area you have chosen to burn candles in against a Feng Shui bagua or the guidelines of Feng Shui that you follow. Some areas do not respond well to candle burning and will need other cures to balance them out. For instance, candle flames are great in the Fame and Reputation area of the home but not necessarily so in the Creativity sector. The Relationship area and the Wealth area also benefit from candle flames. Check to make sure you are using fire in the correct areas.

4. Consider the color of the candle you are using and the area you will be using it in. Colors correspond to particular areas of the bagua and energy can be enhanced when you burn candles of a particular color.

5. Consider enhancing the candles energy by adding scent to the mix. This may take some investigation to get the color, shape and scent to harmonize with the area you wish to burn it in but well worth the time. Combining or creating layers of energy by mixing color, scent and shape together in the right amounts can add to the energy in a room.

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