How to Use a Checking Account Number Online

By G.K. Bayne

  • Overview

    More and more online retailers are taking direct payments from checking account using the consumer's bank account information to electronically withdraw funds. Known as ACH debits, the retailer uses the checking account the same way as if the consumer had written them a check. ACH debits can be a secure way to shop online if you do not have a debit card or credit card to use for purchases.
    • Step 1

      Call your bank and confirm that ACH debits are allowed for your account. Most banks allow this, but there may be certain restrictions on how often this can be done, and there may be a fee.
    • Step 2

      Identify the bank routing number and the account number on one of your personal checks. The routing number is generally the first series of numbers on the lower left bottom of the check. Your account number will be the next series on the bottom.

    • Step 3

      Make sure the website is secure before entering any information about your checking account information. Secure websites are preceded in the URL box at the top of your browser with "HTTPS" instead of "HTTP." You browser will also show a lock (or other icon) in the lower right if the website is secure.
    • Step 4

      Fill in the information the website asks for concerning your account information. This will be the bank routing number, checking account number and the name on the account, your phone number and your email address. Often the website will send a confirming email to your email account. If so, reply to the email so the use of your checking account can be activated.
    • Step 5

      Add the items you wish to buy to your shopping cart on the website. When you're done shopping, proceed to checkout. On the checkout page, select the "bank account" option to pay for your purchases.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Tip: Always look for the HTTPS difference in the URL box on your browser. Investigate the website and look for the Better Business Bureau logo or Verisign logo, as these logos indicate that the website is reputable.
    • Warning:
    • Never enter any bank account information in an email. No reputable business will send an email asking for an email reply with account information of any kind. Always go to the website to enter or change information.

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