How to Use Chefs Diet Meal Delivery

By Kate Evelyn

  • Overview

    Chefs Diet is a meal delivery service centered around the principles of the popular Zone diet. The meals are based on a 40/30/30 ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat. There are two ways to use the delivery service, depending on where you live. Residents of Southern California or the tri-state area around New York City can get fresh food delivered each day through the Premium Daily plan. Everyone else in the continental United States. can subscribe to one of the weekly frozen meal plans only.
    • Step 1

      Visit the Chefs Diet website and click on the "programs" tab. You'll be prompted to enter your email address and zip code. Then you'll get a list of the programs available in your area. Options are Premium Daily, Premium Weekly, My Solution and My Total Solution. Premium Weekly has two menu plans: Lifestyle and kosher. With either, you get three meals and two snacks per day, delivered once a week. With the Lifestyle option, you can customize your menu. The Solution plans feature biweekly deliveries with the original plan offering two meals plus two snacks each day and the Total plan offering three meals. These plans are the most affordable but the food can be of a lower caliber.
    • Step 2

      Go to the sample menu tab and pick the program you've decided on in the drop-down menu. Look at the choices offered and see if they are items you can live with. Click on the arrows to the left and right of the images to get an idea of what your food will look like.

    • Step 3

      Click on "reserve your delivery date" and then select your plan by highlighting it and clicking on "Order." Select "Register" to set up your account. You'll have to enter your email address, password and billing information and then fill out a short health profile outlining your weight-loss goals.
    • Step 4

      Look over the details of your order and pick your first delivery date. Then check if you'd like your meals sent with a signature required or if it's okay for the FedEx driver to just leave them on your doorstep. Select "Save and continue" to go to the next screen, where you have the option to customize your menu, if applicable to your plan.
    • Step 5

      Decide if you'd like to order omega-3 or green tea nutritional supplements. If yes, add them to your order. If no, choose "Save and continue." If you pick "No thanks" instead, you'll be kicked out of the system, so don't do it. Note that the default setting is one of each supplement.
    • Step 6

      Enter your payment information and click on "Submit order." Then wait for FedEx to show up on your designated day.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Tip: Chefs Diet offers a vegetarian option and a kids' option, but they are only available with the Premium Daily plan.
    • Tip: If you have questions call the sales department at (800) 946-1047.

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