How to Use a Credit Card Machine

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  • Overview

    Using a basic credit card machine while working at a retail store or restaurant may vary slightly depending on the brand. However, most use the same basic layout and interface to avoid confusion for the operator.
    • Step 1

      Verify that the name on the card is that of the cardholder. This is to avoid theft or scams for both the customer and the store.
    • Step 2

      Swipe the card through the slot as pictured on the machine, if the machine has a magnetic strip reader. Wait for the onscreen text to make your next step. If you're receiving a sale by phone, you'll need to prompt the machine to make a sale. Follow the onscreen instructions to ready the machine to finish the sale.

    • Step 3

      Complete the entry of the sale information and make sure you input the correct data. If you've made an error, you can erase the data by pressing the Delete key or the Clear key. The machine asks you to indicate whether the sale is an in-person sale or a telephone sale. It will also ask you to enter the amount of the purchase. Tap the corresponding numbers for the purchase price.
    • Step 4

      Watch the machine to make sure it begins to dial out, or you may be able to hear the machine open a dial tone and begin dialing. The speed of the transaction will vary depending on connection speed, host, company and brand. In addition, some companies have credit card machines automatically connected to the credit card processing center, so no wait is required.
    • Step 5

      Watch for the receipt to print. Have the customer sign the receipt and retain the copy with the customer signature on it. If the sale was over the phone, attach the receipt to the product purchased and make sure to get a signature from the customer when she comes in to pick up her purchase.
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