Why Use An Exfoliator?

A description of what an exfoliator is and why it is important for good healthy skin.

The skin is one of the body's largest organs, protecting it from the elements and any harm that may try to penetrate its surface.Because of this, often the face takes the brunt of the punishment, filtering in pollution, sunlight, and dirt.On average, most people produce approximately 35,000 dead skin cells every single minute!These tiny cells can block pores and cause unsightly problems such as acne, blackheads, or irritation of the skin.In order to combat this problem, you should opt for a good exfoliator to help eliminate and remove these dead skin cells.

Most over the counter exfoliators use natural elements to help "scrub" the surface of the skin.Implementing ingredients such as finely ground apricot pits, milled pumpkin seeds, or even sea salt can help smooth rough skin.Most products available today are fairly inexpensive, and do a thorough job of gently scrubbing away dead skin cells.Exfoliating the skin should become part of your daily skincare regimen.

But what makes this process such an important step in good skin care?The most obvious reason would be that the dead skin cells build up on the surface, and simple washing will not remove them.Dead skin can create a myriad of problems for even the healthiest of skin.If you use a topical cream such as anti-aging or anti-acne medication, if the skin still has dead skin cells on its surface, it can prevent the medication from fully penetrating the pores, thereby eliminating its ability to do its job.

Most dermatologists recommend using an exfoliant of some sort.This is an integral step in cleansing the skin, and promotes the regrowth of healthy, new cells.An important thing to remember is when you begin using the product to only apply it once or at most, twice per day until your skin becomes accustomed to it.People with sensitive skin should make sure the label of the product specifies that it is gentle, or made for those with skin that can easily become irritated.Always be certain the product you are using for the face contains no oils, or else your skin can become worse and pores can get clogged.If you choose an exfoliator for the body, the ingredients can be different, and can contain various oils to also soften the skin.Often the ingredients used in body scrubs come in slightly larger "chunks", because the epidermis on the body is slightly thicker and less sensitive than that on the face.

Exfoliators do not have to contain scrubbing ingredients such as apricot.A lot of newer products available today contain Alpha Hydroxy, which is a chemical element used to almost "eat away" at the skin's delicate surface, removing any dead cells and allowing the skin to breathe.It encourages new growth of healthy cells to give your skin a great glow.This ingredient is harsher than most natural ingredients, so use with caution and be sure to read the instructions for use very carefully before applying to the skin.

If you do not want to buy exfoliators available at the cosmetic counter or drugstore, natural at home remedies can be used as well.Baking soda mixed with warm water also does an excellent job at clearing off dead skin cells.In addition, this mixture is much more gentle and can be used several times daily.No matter what your skin type, it's important to remember that exfoliating is an important step to getting healthy, glowing skin.

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