How to Use Maxoderm

By Ina Vega

  • Overview

    With all the diseases we hear about these days, it can be hard for some men to achieve and maintain healthy sexual lifestyles. There are many factors that can lead to impotency, erectile dysfunction and other sexual deficiencies. Maxoderm is a topical ointment that aids men in maintaining an erection and enhances his sexual desires. When using this product, please note that the recommended routine is integrated in phases that span over two weeks.
    • Step 1

      During week one, four applications should be made to the penis throughout the seven days, be it with a partner or through self-pleasuring.
    • Step 2

      For weeks two and three, five applications should be made each week. Do this with a partner or by yourself.

    • Step 3

      For weeks four, five and six, the applications will increase and should be made six times per week.
    • Step 4

      For weeks seven and eight, five applications should be made per week.
    • Step 5

      For weeks 9 and 10, reduce the applications to four times per week, and for weeks 11 and 12, reduce it again to 3 applications per week.
    • Step 6

      Once the phases are over, you should continue with a maintenance phase, which decreases the use of Maxoderm to one to three applications a week or as needed for extra enhancement.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Maxoderm
    • Tip: Remember that everybody is different and the results of Maxoderm vary from person to person.

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