When To Use A Do It Yourself Divorce And Tips To Get You Started

A divorce is one of the most painful things you will experience in your lifetime. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Going through a divorce is never an easy thing. However, if you do your research you can find a way to make it through as smoothly as possible. There are some things you need to know before your start divorce proceedings. The first thing is have you done everything you can to save you marriage? Divorce should in some cases be a last resort. If you have come to the conclusion that there is no way the marriage can be saved than by all means go ahead and file for divorce.

Now whether you need an attorney or whether you can do it yourself will depend on several important factors. You may need to sit down and make a list to help you determine what path you need to take. One thing that is an important factor is if you have any children. If you have kids you definitely need to go through an attorney. Even if you and your spouse get along custody of your children will need to be determined and child support will need to be calculated.

You will need an attorney if you have joint property. These types of things would include a house that you bought together. This could also be any type of property including land you purchased together. In some states only belongings that you had prior to the marriage are considered only yours and in some states this personal property belongs to the both of you no matter when it was acquired. The important thing to remember during a divorce is that you have to look out for yourself.

Were there circumstances for a pre-nuptial agreement? Some couples need these. There are couples who just do not make the decision to draw one up prior to marrying even if it would be in their best interest to have one. If this is the case then you also will need a lawyer. In most cases though this is something you will only come across if you and your partner have personal wealth that might need to be protected.

Is there a business of any kind that is jointly or non-jointly owned that you may have an interest in? For example your husband owns a custom-made jewelry store. You as his wife may have a personal stake in that business whether you worked for or made any type of decisions on running the business. Again this will also depend on what state you are living in.

Are you and your spouse separating on friendly terms or are there some anger or resentment issues? This can also help you determine if you will need an attorney. Say that your spouse is threatening you or has already in the past been physically or verbally abusive. This is definitely something you will need to factor in when filing for divorce and it may be in your best interest to have an attorney in this type of case.

If your life has been pretty simple and you do not have any personal property of value together and no children than filing a do it your self-divorce may be the thing for you.The thing to remember is that this will only be the case for an uncontested divorce. You may want to speak to an attorney first to make sure this is the best bet for filing your divorce. A simple consultation can be cheap enough to save you future heartaches should it turn out your divorce is going to be a little more complicated than you had thought.

If you cannot afford to talk to an attorney you can speak to someone at Legal Aide in your community. The advice they can offer you may be on a sliding scale of your income or it may even be free. You can find legal aide assistance by looking in your local phone book under the yellow pages.

Don't forget you can also talk to family or friends who have gone through divorces before and they may be able to offer some insight into the process. Just remember in any case you are not alone and there are valuable resources to help you through the divorce process.

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