Uses Of Essential Oils

Uses of essential oils. Essential oils can be used for first aid, the treatment of athlete's foot, as an anti-inflammatory, and even as an insect repellant. There are a lot of different uses for essential...

There are a lot of different uses for essential oils. They are great for first aid because of their antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Tea tree oil is a good antifungal agent for athlete's foot. Essential oils can also be used as an anti-inflammatory. For example, blue chamomile or lavender is wonderful for minor skin burns. I think the respiratory effects from the oils are the best, because they kill germs in the air and help with decongestion. I just went through 10 days with a sinus infection that probably would have lasted longer if I not had used oils. Oils also do well on muscles because they have properties to relax them and to provide relief from swelling. Wound healing is another property. A lot of work has been done in Australia on things like diabetic ulcers and other wounds that won't heal. Lastly,

oils like citronella make great insect repellants.

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