The Uses Of Ginseng Plants For Medicinal Purposes

Ginseng is a versatile medicinal plant, it help alleviate symptoms of insomnia and stress.

The Chinese made ginseng famous, it has been used in Chinese medicines for years. Just recently it has become familiar in the United States.

The ginseng plant is not easy to grow, the ginseng takes six years to grow. This is why it is an exceptional valuable plant. The plant can grow up to three feet tall, and is known for its odor and spicy taste.

The ginseng originated in Korea and China. It ancient times it could be found growing in the wild. It is now grown for commercial industry in China.

The root of the ginseng plant is the only part that has any medecinal qualities. It is used for stress related problems that affect the liver and heart. It also is good to calm you down and put you in a relaxing mood. It is a stimulate to relieve exhaustion and concentration issues.

You can use ginseng as a tea, in a bath or as a tonic.

Tonics can be purchased in health food stores, and can help prevent heart disease. Ginseng can be used in a bath by adding grated ginseng root into a warm bath. It can also be used as a tea by pouring two cups of boiling water over two teaspoons grated ginseng, let steep for twenty minutes then strain. Drink one cup per day as needed.

Ginseng is an extremely good addition to any herb medicine cabinet, but use caution. Ginseng is not recommended for use over three months at a time or over dosage. It may cause restlessness and anxiety.

Please check with your doctor before you use it. It can lead to serious medical conditions.

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