Uses for leftover wallpaper and borders

What are you going to do with that leftover wallpaper or border? You might as well use it. Here are some ideas on how.

You love that wallpaper or border you put up, but you have some left over. You do not want to waste it or let it sit around collecting dust, but you do not really know what to do with it.

Here are fifteen great options for making use of those leftovers:

1. Matting for photos - Wallpaper and borders make great mats for photo frames. Not only is this a great way to use the pieces you have left, but it is also the perfect way to coordinate your photos with the rest of the room.

2. Decorate boxes for storage - Wrap boxes and lids with wallpaper to create an attractive storage option. Plastic containers, hatboxes, and even heavy cardboard boxes instantly become decorative storage pieces that synchronize with the rest of your decor.

3. Shelf Liner - Use scraps of wallpaper to line the shelves in your cabinets and to line the inside of drawers.

4. Book Covers - Make attractive book covers from wallpaper and border. These can be used for children's schoolbooks, cookbooks, books with damaged covers, or books you just want to protect.

5. Window Shades - Instead of adding a plain window shade to your space, attach wallpaper. It not only dresses up the shade, but when the shade is closed, it also blends in with the rest of the wall.

6. Ceilings - Cover your ceiling. Do not stop at covering the walls, go ahead and do the ceiling too. It adds height to the room. Or, you can cover the ceiling in a different room to add some texture and interest.

7. Closets - Use leftover paper and borders to brighten up the inside of dark or roughly finished closets.

8. Wrapping Paper - Leftover wallpaper is terrific for creating elegant gift packages.

9. Folding Screens - Update a folding screen by covering the panels with wallpaper. A covered screen will blend nicely in a wallpapered room. Add border at the top and bottom of each panel for added effect.

10. Scrapbooking and Photo Albums - Paper and borders make an attractive addition to pages of scrapbooks and albums. If you are keeping an album of before and after pictures of a room you are decorating, adding some of the wallpaper from that room as a background for photos is a great idea.

11. In the Office - Did you recently wallpaper your home office? Make a coordinated desk blotter from leftover paper. Line your desk drawers and bookshelves while you are at it.

12. Dollhouse or playhouse - Use paper and border scraps to give a dollhouse or playhouse a little update.

13. Focal Wall - Create a focal one in another room using leftover border or wallpaper. Only apply it to the one wall to make that wall stand out.

14. Backdrop - Apply a square or rectangular piece of wallpaper to the wall to use as a backdrop for a piece of artwork to draw more attention to it. Backdrops also work great for "framing" canvas or other art pieces that do not have frames.

15. As Canvas - If your wallpaper in paint-able, stretch it over a frame and staple it to the back. Use it as a canvas to create your own artwork.

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