Uses For Old Coffee Grounds

Before you throw your coffee grounds away check these ideas for recycling them.

If you're like me you probably throw your old coffee grounds straight into the trash and if you're lucky they don't end up all over the floor in front of the garbage can. Who ever thought that you could use coffee grounds for anything else? It may sound funny but it's true; you can recycle your used coffee grounds and use them for lots of things around the house.

Coffee grounds are a great addition to any compost pile. Just throw them into your compost bin, filter and all.

For some reason, ants hate coffee grounds. If you want to get rid of ants in your yard just sprinkle coffee grounds on their anthills and around your lawn. Put coffee grounds around anything that you don't want ants to get to. If you put the grounds around the base of your house you won't have ants getting inside.

Coffee grounds make a great dye for fabric. Put used coffee grounds into a bin of warm water. Add as many coffee grounds as you like for your preferred shade of brown. Soak your fabric in the water until it has absorbed the dye to your desired shade. Wash the fabric by itself in cold water.

If you have plants that like high acidity add some coffee grounds to the soil. Coffee grounds will add acidity and nitrogen to the soil and your plants will thrive. Roses and azaleas especially enjoy an occasional dose of coffee grounds. Replace the grounds after heavy rains.

Coffee grounds make great mulch for your garden. Just cover the soil with coffee grounds and the moisture will stay in the soil and the weeds won't sprout.

Put used coffee grounds on a cookie sheet and dry them out in the oven at low heat. Put the dried coffee grounds in a dish inside your refrigerator to absorb odors. Put dried coffee grounds into sachet packets and keep them inside your gym shoes to absorb odors.

Make some fun play dough for your kids out of those old coffee grounds. Just mix a couple of cups of dried coffee grounds with a half a cup of salt and 1 to 2 cups of corn meal. Add in enough warm water to get the dough to the consistency you like. Kids will like the different texture and they can model it just like clay.

Use coffee grounds as a safe and natural abrasive for scrubbing any surface. You can clean greasy pans by scrubbing them with some wet coffee grounds and a cloth. The grounds will get rid of any greasy odor too. Try using coffee grounds as a gentle exfoliant for your face as well.

Rid your pets of fleas with old coffee grounds. Shampoo your dog or cat as usual and when they are wet rub their fur down thoroughly with coffee grounds. Massage the coffee grounds all the way to their skin and work them in. Rinse the coffee grounds away and your pet's fur will be soft and clean and the fleas will disappear.

Make your own parchment with used coffee grounds. Put some coffee grounds in a flat pan of water and dip a white piece of paper into it. Remove the paper carefully and let it dry and you will have something that looks very much like parchment.

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