Uses For Old Milk Jugs

You can recycle your old plastic milk jugs into many things around the house and stop wasting room in your recycling bin.

Unless you are lactose intolerant you probably go through plenty of milk in your house. Those plastic jugs are bulky and take up a lot of room in your recycling bin. What if you could reuse them around the house? Here are some great ways to keep your milk jugs from hogging up the space in your recycling container.

Your old milk jugs can make handy containers for storing all of those plastic grocery store bags you keep bringing home. Just cut the top off of the milk jug to leave an opening just large enough to stuff the plastic bags into. Be sure you leave a bit of the plastic bag sticking up so that you can pull one out to use when you need it.

Milk jugs can be made into handy scoops for dog food, cat litter, ice melting salt, or plant fertilizer. Leaving the handle and the cap on just cut out a scoop shape from the bottom of the jug. You can keep the scoop in the bag for handy use.

If you have a clothesline then a milk jug can be a handy clothespin holder that you can leave outside all year round. Just poke some holes in the bottom of the jug to let rainwater out and cut a fist-sized round opening in the side of the jug. Place your clothespins inside and tie the handle onto your clothespin with a piece of rope.

You can make a quick bird feeder out of your old milk jugs and your feathered friends will flock to the yard. Just cut out an opening on the side of the jug and fill up the bottom with birdseed. You can hang the jug up on a tree branch by its handle or just leave it sit on your picnic table.

Make some handy storage trays for your refrigerator! Simply cut the bottoms off of milk jugs and you have containers for vegetables, fruits, eggs, or anything else you can fit in them. The containers will keep leaks from messing up your refrigerator and you will be organized too.

Don't spend a lot of money on handheld weights when you can make your own with milk jugs. Just fill up your old milk jugs with water and you can use them to tone up your biceps and triceps. Adjust the amount of water to your level of strength.

You can conserve energy in your home by putting those old milk jugs to work. Your freezer costs more to operate when it isn't full of frozen food. Fill up milk jugs with water and add them to your freezer until it is full. It is best to put these on the bottom of the freezer so you won't have to take them out every time you want a pot roast. However, lifting the frozen jugs out of the freezer can give your arms a good workout.

Can't find the dustpan? You can make one quickly and easily if you have an empty milk jug. Cut away the bottom of the jug leaving just one side opposite the handle to sweep your dirt up onto.

They make great containers for picking strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries. Just cut a small circle near the top of the milk just and carry it by the handle. The berries won't leak all over you and they won't get squished.

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