Uses For Shredded Paper

There are several options to trashing your shredded paper. Learn the many uses!

Paper shredders are a popular item in homes these days. More and more people are purchasing paper shredders to protect their accounts: credit card, gas company, utility bills, etc. In the end, these people are left with a waistbasket full of shredded paper that will eventually be put in an even larger can to be picked up by city sanitation workers.

But have you thought about what you could do with this shredded paper instead of sending it to the landfill? If not, here are some options to consider:

1) Shipping

It might not be today or tomorrow, but it's a good bet you'll be shipping something for birthdays and at Christmas time. When those days come and you're shipping something breakable or too small for the box it's being shipped in, you'll wish for something to stuff in the box to protect the gift item. Shredded paper can do the job by filling a box and providing a safe buffer between your gift and the abuse that can come from being transported across the country.

2) Gift Stuffing

Gift bags have found their place in gift giving. Along with tissue paper, consider including shredded paper, especially if you've recently shredded colored paper. This makes a welcome and exciting addition to gift bags.

3) Pillows

People across the country and around the world enjoy making arts and crafts, including pillows and throws. But what do you put in these pillows? Shredded paper is definitely an option. Just insert a large amount of shredded paper in the pillow and then sew it closed.

4) Halloween costumes

For homemade Halloween costumes, shredded paper that can be painted makes the perfect costume accessory for those wanting to create hair. For witches for example, dye the paper black or green and attach a handful of strands to a witch hat with a stapler.

5) Moving Time

When it's time to pack up your expensive china or delicate crystal, shredded paper makes excellent packing in boxes to secure your breakables.

6) Recycling

Paper, like aluminum, is a popular recycling item. Take your bags of shredded paper to the recycling plant or put them in your recycling box for pick up. You'll be saving landfill space in the process.

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