Using Coupons For Groceries

Pinching pennies has become a way of everyday life for many. Using coupons for groceries is a way to cut the fat in the monthly budget.

In this day and age when each family needs two jobs to survive, it important to pinch every penny. One place to cut the "fat" in your monthly budget is the grocery store bill. Groceries can get costly. With time and patience, your grocery bill can be cut by one third with the use of coupons.

To start "couponing", find out what days your local paper runs the local grocery store ads. Be sure to purchase papers on these specified days. If you would prefer not to purchase the newspaper, most grocery stores have the loose ads at their front door.

Look through the store ads meticulously. Have a piece of paper (your grocery list) available to write down any "in house" specials (sales that do not require a coupon). Clip all coupons that your family currently use. (A sure way to lose your profit through couponing is buying an item your family normally would not purchase except for the "great price" offered on the coupon.)

Some newspapers have manufactures coupons tucked into their Sunday edition. Seek these "cents off" coupons routinely.

A few grocery stores offer double coupons. A double coupon is a coupon that the store will match (with limits) the "cents off" coupon offered by manufacturers.

Last but not least, some stores offer to accept competitors (local) coupons. This is great when you have a store coupon from "Store A", a manufacture's coupon that can be doubled with "Store B's" coupon, all for the same product being purchased at "Store C".

As stated in the beginning, serious couponing takes time and patience. At the end of each month, add up the savings from coupons to see it pay off.

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